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Hey JDC here,

I love martial arts... That is a fact of mine lol... I've been doing martial arts since the age 0f 7. It has become my life. It is what I do for a living. But what I really enjoy most about doing martial arts is teaching it to others.

I love what it does for others when they first come into my dojo and have either dabbled in it or never stepped into a dojo before. The look in their face when they learn a new technique or when they fall in love with it and decide to make it their life. Priceless... I'm never underpaid... 

The joy of seeing my students and the confidence they gain from being a part of an ancient chain of warriors that began hundreds of years ago. But today no matter how traditional we would like to keep the arts the modern society we live in takes some of that away. Congratulations if you are reading this and have been able to maintain a most traditional training system. 

I love teaching Shotokan and Krav-Maga.. Today I want to focus my topic on the teaching of krav maga. One of the things I appreciate greatly about Krav-Maga is the aggressive none aggressive style of it. For example quality Krav-Maga teaches to not resist the attack and at the same time to turn on the switch and overwhelm the attacker in the effort to make them the victim. Totally love this. 

I was teaching the other day a technique to my students at my headquarters location in Rahway NJ that dealt with grabbing of the wrist. I love the fact that every technique has a way to be done in many ways as long as the principle remains. Here is a video clip for your enjoyment.

At my other locations where my daughter Gabrielle teaches is our Howell NJ location and here is yet another variation that is simple yet very effective.... here is the clip enjoy

So many times these need to be repeated and trained in various scenarios or situations until they are embedded in our body. 

Here is another clip of my son Tony teaching at the Belleville location doing stress drills which are important under stressful situations to maintain a sense of awareness and responsiveness. enjoy it here

So what is Krav-Maga? It is a form of self defense and physical training, first developed by the Israel army in the 1940's, based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.Its origin is Hebrew Krav Maga meaning contact combat. Krav Maga is a hybrid art or system of defense which incorporates a wide combination of techniques from aikido, judo ,boxing, wrestling and now days infused with karate and some even incorporate kickboxing. 

kapap a Hebrew acronym for Krav Panim el Panim- translated (face to face combat )another variation of the Hebrew origin of self defense incorporates bare knukle boxing, greco roman wrestling, knife fighting, judo, jujitsu.. 

As you are now somewhat educated on this form of self defense you can see how effective it is under stressful situations. The training is amazing and I highly recommend you to go find a placed that teaches it. It is an invaluable investment in yourself and your family. As it continues to evolve I am eager to see the development of what lies ahead for our new generation. 

I sincerely hope I peaked your interest in wanting to join a krav maga or kapap place. I'm quite sure you will have no regrets. If you have any questions on the subject leave me a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you.

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If you are in my area here is my web site choose the location nearest you 

PS- if you have imagined for a way to do what you love and have the time and money to do it get started with me and I'll be glad to coach you step by step .. join me here leave me a comment and or message and I'll be sure get back to you. 

Until next time This is JDC...

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