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Respect ~ Discipline ~ Control... The Code of Black Belt Excellence

Hey Shihan DiCervo here...


One of the things that I am proud to say about Sovereign Martial Arts is...

We live our lives based onThe Code of Black Belt Excellence.


As the leader and founder of Sovereign Martial Arts, I made a decision many years ago that I was going to

  • Respect my Family
  • Respect my Wife
  • Respect my Students
  • Respect my Elders
  • Respect the Law and the Authority


These are the values that to this day, I live by and teach my children and my students to so the same.


Our schools have that family environment with Respect to everyone and each other.

I believe that Self Respect can then be extended to where you can respect others.


The other quality that I live by and believe in so much is Discipline.

I believe that with Discipline a person can achieve legendary things.


So, I have also made that decision many years ago... To be Disciplined...


To develop that mental muscle that allows for powerful habits..

To live a life of purpose with power and direction...

As this I also teach my family and our students as well.

  • The Discipline to grow emotionally
  • Discipline to be fit
  • Discipline to be responsible with the resources available to us
  • Discipline to do what you need to do regardless of how you feel.


And lastly, but not least... Control!

Control to be able to command my emotions... that doesn't mean I don't feel my emotions...

  • I sometimes feel angry
  • I sometimes feel depressed
  • I sometimes feel tired
  • I sometimes feel like giving up...


But because of Self Control... whatever I am feeling is not going to determine my actions.



The value of Respecting oneself, the environment and people in general...

To honor your word and to continue to look for ways to improve yourself, your life and others around you...

With the Discipline to continue in your purpose regardless of the obstacles that come your way...

Allows you to stay on course... To finish what you start...

And the Control to not let your emotions decide or rather the disciplined mind...


This is what Martial Arts has done for me ...

And I look forward to sharing these values and skills with you and your family!!!





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