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Benefits for investing in Sovereign Martial Arts

The Benefits of investing in Sovereign Martial Arts

By: Sensei Gabrielle DiCervo


Someone once said, “I believe the children are our future.”

I want to start off by directing this towards the parents who have their child at SMA. You know your child spends more time on their phones, iPad, and any electronic device which can lead to many chronic health problems.

Sovereign Martial Arts is truly an investment into your child’s future. Which has greatly shown many the improvement in their focus, confidence, behavior at home and school, and so much more. I’m sure you can think of one your child has improved on since joining our karate program at SMA.

Martial Arts classes are not only a great means of exercise for all their energy they have, but also a valuable supplement to academic education.  Your child gets to set and achieve goals, which builds self-confidence, in addition, kids learn leadership skills and develop a positive character to become a champion in life.

Training in the Martial Arts has been proven to establish healthy habits for children early in life so they become happy, healthy, and successful adults.


Now if you’re an adult or teen who’s looking to invest or trying to understand why you should invest in SMA keep reading...

You will begin to realize that you’re learning to overcome adversity. It can come from sparring with a more skillful opponent, an injury, and it can also come from fatigue.

Yes, adversity come hand in hand. However, there is a saying in martial arts “If you get knocked down 9 times, you have to get up 10.

This is the Warrior spirit and the reason you will soon learn to deal with the issues that you face in your daily life.

Lastly, you will learn more about yourself and to push past your limits.


I think this one is huge!

I have many of my adults’ students come up to me after class and tell me how much they improved since their first day of class. They become aware of something they never knew was within them.

Our martial arts class will make you tired, it will introduce new and exciting concepts and your body and mind will be challenged as you try and develop a skill.

How exciting is that? It’s like having a personal trainer pushing you, because that’s exactly what are instructors doing.  They recognize your level and help you push to the next one!

I hope this encourages you to continue or start training at Sovereign Martial Arts.


The benefits are endless.



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