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The Benefit of Parental Support in Martial Arts

The Benefit of Parental Support in Martial Arts.  By Heather Cox

Being a parent with children in martial arts programs of SMA, I know how crucial a child's development is.

You may think just bringing them in and then hanging out on your phone or conversing with other parents still tells your child that you support them.

Got news for you, it does not. When we fall for a distraction like the social media checks or chatting with a friend while your kid is in class, it also distracts the child.

How? When your attention isn't on them, IE eyes on them, clapping when they do a kick ass job, coaching them, they then begin to think maybe this isn't important for me either.

Why? Because why bother doing home work if Mom and dad prefers to "hang out" on their social media. Why bother with a play if mom and dad prefer to do something else instead of watching me.

By now your thinking, well school education is very important I would never do such a thing. Are you sure? When your child has a question and you are checking Facebook and you tell them, I'll answer that later. Not paying attention to their needs at all.

Yes school education is a top priority to you. Martial arts should be a top priority to you as well.

Martial arts isn't a top priority, should never come out of your mind or mouth. You are here for a reason.

Maybe your child has trouble focusing in school, isn't very confident, tends to be away from school friends, takes their anger out with physical outbursts... you've brought them into our martial arts school, because you've learned it helps teach them:

Self control
Self confidence
Self development
Self defense
And so much more

Remember these reasons, you need to remind yourself why you came in the first place.

Once you remember why you came for your child, you'll remember how much you loved watching them grow with each punch and kick when they first started. You'll remember how excited they were to show you what they've learned. You'll remember how they began to feel good about themselves and how their school work progresses. You'll remember how they've begun to make friends and participate in extracurricular activities.

These all happened because you had your eyes on them, you applauded every new improvement or skill learned. You shared in their experience and excitement.

Now look at where you are now. You've become complacent with how they are doing, you feel you don't need to watch as much anymore. You don't need to take pictures or videos as much anymore. You rather check what's going on in social media than how they are doing on the floor.

Can you see my point now? Earlier it seemed so exciting and amazing right? Now it seems not so exciting. Now who contributed to this downgrade of feelings? You, the parent.

If you want your child to constantly do their best everyday at school, it should be the same for martial arts. This helps them develop into amazing young strong confident leaders for tomorrow.

So please avoid personal social media during their class time. Go back to taking videos and pictures of them. Go back to watching them, go back to sharing the excitement of doing well. Brag about them share their moments with anyone you know. This is crucial to your child's development. It is your  FULL SUPPORT that helps them grow.

Thank you so much for reading and please stay tuned for more blogs. If you haven't started your child in martial arts, what are you waiting for?? I just gave you all the beneficial reasons why they should be in our classes. Doesn't matter how old they are, it applies to everyone, even the adults!

Have a great day,


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