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Benefits of Parent Support in Martial Arts

Benefits of Parent Support in Martial Arts
By Heather Cox

I've covered how important it is to your child that you are there supporting them in class. So if you are sitting there watching their training every class they take, you rock! You've learned that they are getting training that'll help them as they grow up.

You may have witnessed some kids sparring, and wonder how does a parent watch this? The answer is simple, their survival skills are growing. They are learning self defense. They are learning self development. They are learning self control.

Let's say you are that parent who's child has begun to train in sparring. You twinge with every punch and kick they receive. You know you can't get on the floor and tell them it's ok. You need to let them learn the pain, and how to fight back. The moment the child gets a kick or a punch in, you rise up in excitement!! It's thrilling to see when they finally begin to use the skills they've been training all along.

Our instructors here at Sovereign Martial Arts know how to help the students learn to spar correctly. One of the ways is for them to get out there and try. You'll see they pair the newbies with the experienced and instruct them to show how to get a hit in.

So you are watching the child and you are loving when they get their hits in, and disliking when they get hit. Then the hardest moment comes, the kid gets a hard punch to the stomach or something similar. All you want to do is run onto the mat pick up your kid and tell them it's ok and hug them. One tip, don't run in right away, don't pull them off the mat immediately after.

Let the instructor take care of it. Give the kid a chance to learn to "shake it off". Let them show they can be strong and won't give up. It is an empowering moment when the child stands up and put aside the hurt to continue their training. This will only make them stronger and learn to protect themselves more.

I admit it was hard to see my girl get the wind knocked out of her and leave her be. But the sensei came over and talked to her and assured her it will make her stronger and reliable on herself. The second my girl stood back up and go into guard stance, I was incredibly proud.

So to sum it up, be there for your growing martial artist. Strengthen your body and mind , by sitting back and letting the school, and its instructors, it's crucial and beneficial to allow the senseis to be in control of your child's development

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

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