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Martial Arts Instructors Change Lives

Martial Arts Instructors Change Lives

Every day a martial art instructor changes a student’s life. As an instructor, we are molding the future of our students. It is the commitment and effort for which in our practice and in our teaching that shows into the lives of our students.

Even if a student only comes to one class, or doesn’t even earn a black belt, they have benefited from the instructor’s wisdom, knowledge, and their expertise. Students will look back and think, “if it wasn’t for my instructor, I would of never realized how much potential I have,” or “My instructor pushed me to break a board and I found I could actually do it.”

I remember when I had to break 5 boards for my black belt. I was not ready at all. I have never in my life had a stack of 5 boards together in front of a huge audience. It took me about maybe 30 times to actually break through it. But let me tell you, it was one of the best feels to break through it. Yes, after the 5th try I wanted to give up. I had my instructors there with me supporting me and believing in me. I look back and thank God, I had the opportunity and did not back down.

As an instructor, there are many times I see kids who just join the school who are super shy and won’t even put a foot on the mat. But step by step, over time, the child learns it not has hard as it seems. Months later even a few days they step right on the floor have friends in the class. It’s like nothing ever happened. The greatest experience is witnessing that and being able to review it with their parents. Truly amazing.

When a student believes in himself, he will carry that with them for a lifetime. The whole point is when a student believes in themselves, they will it with them for a lifetime.

As an instructor, you teach what you know using reason, humility, respect, and knowledge. Your students will look up to us in many ways. They will admire us because we know so much to them. They will believe in us.

The biggest lesson is two-fold. Your teaching and their learning has a synergy like no other. Their lives will change, and so will ours.

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