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Type of Karate Sovereign Martial Arts Teaches

Type of Karate Sovereign Martial Arts Teaches

One of the styles of karate we implement into our program is Shotokan karate. Shotokan is one of the oldest and most influential styles of karate. Founded by Gichin Funakoshi. Like other forms of karate and martial arts, Shotokan has it's benefits. It's help to develop courage, focus, strength, flexibility, self confidence, patience, and self control.  It also provides you with self defense.


Self defense is a form of karate, when you learn this style, you learn to defend yourself. Shotokan helps to provide the speed, fast reactions, striking ability, and awareness. If you have any obstacles that are stopping you with these skills, Shotokan karate will help you in those areas.


Our classes begin with a 10 - 15 min warm up, which involve cardio exercises, stretching, and calisthenics , such as push-ups and sit-ups. When it's added to your punches, kicks , and other moves during a class, your body receives a full workout. Helping you build stamina and increase your strength and flexibility. 


Not only does Shotokan help you physically but it's an exercise to help with your mental attitude. It will improve you to make wiser decisions with the lessons and tasks the instructor may implement into the classes. It increases your calmness day to day . You or your child will end us feeling more confident , more self sufficient, and think more positive about life.

Karate isn't just a kick or a punch. It builds up the persons self discipline . Which is always used in the class. Qualities that are built in a person to have responsibility for their actions, respect for others, and honesty.


Adults don't just benefit for Shotokan karate. Karate offers kids a safe outlet for any aggression they may have. Helps them find a positive role model in their instructors, aids them in any balance or clumsiness they might experience as their bodies grow, helps them to overcome any shyness or self confidence issue they may have.


Lastly they will learn to avoid conflict and offers a safe environment that is structured and gives them a method of self defense if ever needed. 

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