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Why Flexibility is So Important in the Martial Arts and Kickboxing

Why Flexibility is So Important in the Martial Arts and Kickboxing

Sensei Gabrielle DiCervo 


I just want to start off my saying, stretching is not my favorite thing to do. It’s the last thing I think of in my training, yet its so important. It’s part of the foundation and increases your ability by a lot.


Flexibility allows us to maintain a good range of motion for each joint or joints. It limbers your body to be able to take your training to the next level. A man who has not exercised in many years will typically not be as flexible as a woman who has trained in dance all of her life. In martial arts we  mostly use dynamic flexibility. The ability to move our muscles to bring a limb through its entire range of motion.


We need the flexibility for performing, for example, kicking or holding a stance. It also prevents you from injuries in case we do a movement. Having flexibility can help make sure that an unexpected movement or motion does not lead to injury. It also improves blood flow, stability, or coordination.

Pre-exercise stretching

  • Helps loosen muscles to prepare you for exercising.
  • Helps minimize the risk of injury.
  • Increases supply of blood to various muscles of the body, helping them cope with strenuous martial arts exercises better.

  • Helps correct posture that may be wrong due to bad sitting or walking.

  • Stretching before class helps you bring your focus to the class, clearing your mind of distracting thoughts and ideas.

Before we get to the main part of the class, I make sure we stretch for at least 5 to 7 mins. I want to make sure no injuries happen in my class.

Post-exercise stretching

  • Stretching helps cool your body down after an intense martial arts session.
  • If any of your muscles have been tighten into difficult positions, stretching helps loosen these muscles so you do have muscle fatigue after class.

  • Stretching also helps calm the mind after an intense session of focusing, so that you feel relaxed after each class.

Lastly, it's very important that a warm up first happens before you stretch. Since the warmth increases flexibility and like I said before there's a less chance of injuries.

So make sure you are stretching , stretching , and stretching. Let's take your martial arts journey to another level! 

Have an amazing day!! 

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