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How Does The Martial Arts Improve Your Child's Grades

How does the Martial Arts Improve your Child's Grades 

By: Sensei Gabrielle DiCervo 

Training in karate gives your child a lot of benefits. It gives them skills, confidence and helps with their self-esteem.


But did you know that karate classes can help your child do better in school?


Karate helps with the development of a lot of skills that students need, so if your child is struggling with school work, you might want to consider karate as a great idea. 


1. Academics require discipline

A good student is one who understands that life is not a free for all. Good students do their homework even when their favorite show is on TV. In order to get good grades, they must complete their homework, turn it in on time, and study and prepare for tests. Which means they need to be achieving all these by having discipline. Karate helps to develop this discipline because it helps students learn structure, order and most importantly, how to have self-control.


2. Being prepared leads to success

Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Most of our kids school work is focused on being prepared and organized. Karate teaches kids that they always need to be prepared. For example, when they’re getting to spar, they know they need to stay in fighting stance and stay on their toes  so they can be ready to defend or attack when they need to. Kids who train in karate carry this trait over to their school work as well. 


3. Good students need to have ultimate focus 

With all the opportunities and channels of entertainment available to today’s kids it can get difficult to focus. But in order to maintain all their schoolwork, students must learn how to listen to the teachers and not get distracted by their surroundings. Karate can help your child to develop this very important character trait, focus and concentration. When in karate class, they learn to shut down  distractions, whether they’re looking around  (classmates playing around) or their mindset  (negative thoughts and doubts).


4. Setting goals 

Success comes from achieving a bunch of small goals to getting the ulitimate goal. In school, this could mean finishing an essay on time or reading a few chapters ahead of the class. In karate, it means passing our belt test and earning a new belt. As a karate student, your child learns to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing goals and this will help them to seek out opportunities to repeat in school and at home.


5. Physical activity helps with functioning at school

Giving kids a place to move their bodies can actually help them academically by improving their memory and increasing their attention span. Karate is a very physical activity so can help build the functions they need  as well as serve as an outlet to help improve memory. It's not just a kick and punch but karate is a developmental program. 

Our school has an event every year called, Back to School. Which is to get our students back into the focus and routine of school. Setting goals with them and even helping them become the leader in school. Of course , it's taught in our everyday class and I believe it's what helps improve our students not just for karate but most importantly their lives outside of the dojo. 

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