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About Confidence In Yourself/Child Through Martial Arts/Kickboxing/Karate

About confidence in yourself/child

We as human beings tend to let self doubt seep in, that's allowing the devil in your mind. When we allow it to happen, things seem to take the wrong turn consistently.

Even with our own kids, we tend to doubt their abilities. We assume they cannot handle the challenge due to age, strength, height, development, or mental needs.

When we do that, it hurts us or the child, how do we expect to be leaders if we don't believe. How can we expect progress and grow stronger? Are you stuck in your head?

Confidence is a game changer especially in martial arts. At Sovereign Martial Arts, we instill that in our programs.

But especially in children, they need to know and feel their parents confidence in their abilities. You are a crucial part of their development and dedication. If they don't feel you believe in them, they won't feel confident in themselves.

Even us as adults, myself for example with my multiple sclerosis, thoughts constantly try to creep in that I can't walk, I can't do running, I can't kick, and so on. But I change my thinking and just do it! And more often I surprise myself with how well I can perform, even if I feel weak and tired later, it's worth it to feel my confidence shine through.

So take today to remind yourself to only think positive thoughts, to feel the power of confidence and give it to your children. Only then, you'll feel the success burning though your body, everything else will fall into place.

It is challenging everyday to look ahead to a better day, to forget the negatives that happen, and just know deep inside, only good things will happen.

Give the gift of happy confidence to your kids, show them your belief. Let them know never to give up and to always continue to spar. This will make them champion leaders of our future, and that is what sovereign martial arts is about.

See you on the mat..
Ms. Heather

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