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The Sovereign Martial Arts ambassador program is perpetual throughout the year. It is a prestigious referral program that reinforces the core tenants of the Sovereign family: dedication, leadership skills, loyalty, and of course…family!

We have an ambassador frame present on the wall of each one of our locations. When we welcome a new student into the fold, we bring them (or their guardian) to the frame, and explain to them what it means to be an ambassador to Sovereign Martial Arts.

How does it work?

Each new student is given five VIP cards – this translates to over $200 worth of value for our classes, each!

We encourage our students to share these VIP cards with their friends, family, or anyone in their life who they think might gain value from the extreme developmental benefits of our courses. All you have to do is write your name on the card, and the time your referral wants to come in.

Once someone is referred, they’ll be given a full tour of our dojo and learn what makes the Sovereign family so special. After that, they’ll be given the chance to enroll at a reduced rate. If they choose to enroll, the original student who referred them will become their sponsor.

Being an Ambassador

Once this process is complete, the sponsor will receive a unique Sovereign Martial Arts Ambassador t-shirt. If they successfully recruit another student, and for every two after that, they’ll receive a $100 Visa gift card!

While a hundred dollars is nothing to sneeze at, the true reward comes in the form of helping someone take their first steps on the same path you once walked. There is nothing more important to us than helping each other grow into better people, and we’re proud to say that’s what the Sovereign family is best at.

So, if you’re a current student, tap into those leadership skills you’ve been learning and become an ambassador today! If you’re not a current student, we look forward to helping you along this journey of growth and self-discovery, every step of the way.