Krav Maga

Learn Self Defense and Get In Amazing Shape!
Krav Maga Classes in Belleville, NJ

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Krav Maga is a combination of the art of self-defense entangled in a hard core fitness program. Our self defense classes were created to teach anyone how to efficiently protect themselves in the case of a threatening situation. This program focuses on mimicking real life situations so that you are accurately trained when you need to be most.

You will be so enthralled in perfecting self-defense moves you won’t even realize what an amazing workout you are getting! Krav Maga incorporates movement in all parts of the body, which means you will be burning fat and gaining muscle from head to toe!

Krav Maga in Belleville, NJ.

Krav Maga Trains You To Be Prepared at All Times

Our expert instructors train students of all heights, weights, ages, and fitness levels to manipulate their bodies in a way that gives them the upper hand in the case of an attack. You will learn effective strategies and maneuvers like:

  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • eye gouging
  • palm strikes
  • blocks
  • chokes
  • evasive moves
  • and more!

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