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Are your kids having difficulties in school? School can be a challenging environment for some students, not only in class, but also socially. Kids have to succeed academically, while learning plenty of life lessons, getting to know a lot of new people, and dealing with challenges they’ve never faced before.


When kids are struggling with and becoming overwhelmed by school, they’ll get unmotivated and their grades suffer. Their confidence may also wane. At this point, many parents start to think about ways they can help their kids become motivated again and build up their confidence.


We know martial art classes teach the skills needed to succeed in school, both academically and socially! Besides keeping your kids active, our classes actually help to improve your child’s performance in school overall. Read on to learn how!


Young boy wearing a boxing glove with hand raisedDiscipline

Discipline is essential for success in martial arts and in school as well. By attending our programs on a regular basis, children learn good work ethic. They’ll see that regular training pays off and learn to appreciate the progress achieved through their discipline.

Proving that the skills learned in martial art classes are adopted into everyday life, your child will also benefit in school thanks to the learned discipline. They’ll learn to be consistent with their homework and respect their teachers and classmates.



Many children have problems staying concentrated and focused. In a time where there are so many distractions like the Internet and TV, our kids often become distracted from responsibilities like homework because other things seem more interesting. Not only at home, but also in the classes the concentration can be a problem, as your kids might be bored by a topic and what the teacher says.

Although you can’t force your child to like every single subject and pay attention in every class, you can let them learn to be focused through martial arts. During our training sessions, the kids have to pay high attention to their instructors and every detail in order to understand the techniques they’re learning completely. This is how your kids will pick up the ability to tune everything out except what they’re supposed to focus on.

If the kids don’t understand things, we encourage them to ask as long until they understand the technique. This behavior will be adopted in school, and they’ll ask as long as they get behind every concept. And guess what: your kids start to understand things better and the grades go up and up!


Handle bullying situationslittle asian boy in martial arts outfit performing a pose

Schools are supposed to be a safe place for child to learn and grow, but unfortunately it’s not always like this. Kids can be mean to each other, so it’s important to ensure that your child knows how to handle bullying situations.

Fortunately, martial arts will teach your kids with the necessary skills to react and defend themselves in such situations. The more they train, the more they’ll learn to keep calm when confronted by bullies and learn to avoid getting into such situations as much as they can. Martial arts has always been about peace, so your kids will stick to non-violent conflict resolution skills in their training, and stay out of trouble.

Grow confidence

Martial Arts challenge your kids to go until their limits and beyond in order to learn,that there are basically no limits besides the ones we set for ourselves. Our student learn that if they work hard and persistent, they can accomplish even more than they previously thought. Overcoming barriers and achieving goals leads to confidence that carries over in school.


Work under pressure

With diverse exams, projects and other deadlines, school can be very stressful time for your children. According to the way your kids handle stress, it can either make them crack or help them get stronger. If you want your children to perform great, even under pressure, martial arts help your child to get there. In our programs, the kids learn to handle various situations that require to think rationally and stay calm before acting.

Furthermore, martial arts help your children to de-stress after a long day at school thanks to the endorphins their brains release after a good training !


Sign up your child

Our martial art programs are beneficial for many different areas in life and help your child to get the best version of themselves. Not only their performance in school improves, also their social skills and their fitness will be better than before.

If you want to get to know more about our Sovereign schools, just let us know. You can give us a call, send us an email or a message on Facebook. We’re looking forward to seeing you and your child in one of our locations soon!

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