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Explanation of Confidence

Confidence and trust are intertwined: without one, you can’t have the other. You need to trust someone in order to have confidence in them, and trusting yourself is no exception. In order to have self-confidence, you have to trust in yourself!

This is not the same thing as being arrogant or cocky – you can (and should try to be!) be self-confident while remaining humble. While you should always try to be confident in the decisions you make, it’s important to remember that every moment is an opportunity to learn. It isn’t about sticking to your guns no matter what – self-confidence is having faith in yourself to make the right decisions, backed up by the knowledge that you have been taught well and understand yourself.

The Benefits of Teaching Confidence

Having healthy self-confidence can positively impact a child’s life in many ways. Even throughout adulthood, the benefits reaped from remaining confident in oneself can help us overcome even our toughest challenges. It’s never too late to begin focusing on building up your self-confidence, but it’s obvious to see how starting at an early age can be extremely beneficial!

A child with confidence is more likely to succeed across the board. One common problem due to low self-confidence is low grades in school. Many times, the issue is not that the child is incapable of completing the work correctly, but that they do not have sufficient self-confidence in order to apply themself to their work. Confidence doesn’t necessarily mean you know you’re going to succeed – in this case, we want the child to have the confidence to realize they’re struggling with a concept, and then have the confidence to commit themselves to bettering themselves.

Making friends is also easier with a little self-confidence! Rather than worrying about what others might think about them, a self-confident child will be comfortable in their own skin, attracting like-minded peers and building relationships with stronger foundations. Compare this to a child with low self-confidence, who is more likely to give into peer pressure and fall in with a group that is further from their best interests.

These benefits add up to perhaps the greatest benefit of all: happiness! Being able to move through life with confidence reaps many rewards. Mental and emotional health are a direct product of those rewards, a result of the internal satisfaction that comes with having confidence.

Confidence and Martial Arts

At Sovereign Martial Arts, we take confidence-building seriously. We believe training in martial arts is an excellent – if not the best! – way to build your child’s confidence!

At first, everything might seem a little daunting. A whole new world to dive into, peers who might be ahead of the curve, a plethora of seemingly impossible techniques to learn…

We teach NOTHING is impossible if you set your mind to it! Soon, the new world of martial arts starts to become familiar like a second home, they reach the level of those peers that seemed so advanced, and those “impossible” techniques become part of their daily repertoire.

It’s not an easy journey for anyone. We all realize this, and that’s why we all help each other reach our goals together. Our instructors in the SMA family are committed to helping your child realize their full potential, every step of the way.

So give us a call or send us an email using the contact form – we’re confident you’ll love our family!

Jose and Jana DiCervo