Parents are doing their best to maintain and instill degrees of discipline in their homes and to pass on values of personal responsibility and self-control to their children. The practice of martial arts has long been an ideal way to bring discipline and focus into a child’s development. Yet the physical and athletic benefits of Martial Arts training are still more well-known than their mental and social counterparts.


As weeks of self-quarantine give way to summer ‘staycation’ and as team-sports are on hold, opportunities to reinforce these ideals may seem limited. SMA’s Online Training is offering engaging, practical, and rewarding channels for kids to develop and reinforce exactly these values. Martial Arts training places heavy emphasis on structure and scheduling in order to achieve goals – valuable lessons at a time when the structures we typically rely on (school, team-sports, group activities, etc.) aren’t as available.

The sense of pride students feel when they achieve their goals cannot be understated. The dynamic approach to SMA’s Online Training combines these values of discipline and personal responsibility with structure and goal-oriented thinking to imbue a deep sense of community, highlighting each student’s role as part of a whole. Kids take more pride in their role when they understand the importance of their part in the family and so these values become practical and internalized.

More than just a healthy outlet of energy, SMA Online Martial Arts Training promotes discipline, focus, personal responsibility and awareness. Combine this with a sense of respect for others and belonging within a community, and you’ll find that SMA’s students and instructors have found order in a chaotic time.