Man in shorts practicing martial arts in front of large windows with sunlight coming in

For many people, martial arts is something they may only having a passing knowledge about, and you’d be surprised how much of it is pure myth. There is no other sport about which there are so many false thoughts and lies told in society. We can tell you: don’t believe everything you hear about martial arts. Many things are not correct and this is what we want to show you. Read on to read the truth about five of the most common martial art myths!


“Black is the highest belt and the best level you can reach”

Not exactly! The black belt is often portrayed by the media as the highest belt you can reach as a martial artist and the end of your journey. Actually, the black belt is just the beginning of your journey! Yes, it takes a lot of training to reach this level, but after it, there’s still way more to learn. Everything on your journey to becoming a black belt prepares you for even more physical and spiritual development. There are different degrees of black belts and you can always improve yourself and learn new skills. Martial arts is a lifelong passion, there is no such thing as “the best level you can reach”.


circle of kids in martial arts outfits joining their hands at the center as a team“Martial Arts supports aggressive behavior”

Way too many people think of martial arts as an aggressive, powerful sport that has the potential to increase violent behavior. Actually, martial arts is the complete opposite! We teach our students respect, caution, and teamwork. We take care of each other and allow our students to learn first-hand: words and non-violent solutions are always the first and best ways to diffuse situations. Martial arts does not support aggressive, violent behavior in any way possible!


“Martial arts is not a sport for women or girls”

In our martial art classes, there is no gender division. We have a lot of girls and women attending, and loving, our programs. Martial arts are for everyone and we teach our students to respect one another, no matter which gender the opponent is.


“You have to be flexible and athletic to practice martial arts”

No! Not at all. You can start martial arts at any age, with any body type. You improve at your own pace, according to your abilities. On your way to becoming a martial artist, you will learn and grow. Your level of fitness doesn’t matter in the beginning, but martial arts will indeed help you become more flexible, athletic and strong over time!


woman black belt kicking man black belt in the face“I’m too old to start martial arts”

Absolutely not! There’s no perfect age to start martial arts. At every age, you can learn and improve yourself and get fit. At Sovereign Martial Arts we offer courses for every age group. Some kids start at an early age of just three years old, some come to us as teenagers and some parents also decide to join in for the first time alongside their children. Basically, you’ll find members of every age in our Sovereign family. Don’t hesitate to give martial arts a try!


Get started

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