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Going back to school should be an exciting time for kids, as it means new teachers, new school supplies, new friends, and many more exciting things. Sadly, this excitement isn’t shared by every child. According to StopBullying.gov, approximately 49% of kids in 4th to 12th grade got bullied at least one time in the last month. Children can be cruel to each other and cause serious issues due to their behavior, such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, poor performance in school and in worst cases, even suicide. Bullying is a nightmare, for kids and for parents, and can’t be taken lightly. One of the best ways to get rid of bullying is martial arts, whether your kid bullies others and you don’t know what to do about it, or if your child gets bullied. Martial arts is for everyone, and will teach effective self-defence as well as respect, sportsmanship and responsibility. Read on to learn how our martial arts classes help against bullying!



One of the most important lessons martial art for kids teaches is respect. At SMA, the children learn from a young age to respect their teachers and all the other students. All of our programs promote respect as a key trait, and let your kids discover their own flaws and how to correct them. No matter if your child is taking MMA, kickboxing, or any other class at Sovereign Martial Arts, valuable skills for life are learned. We’ve seen children over the years learn how to treat others well, respect their personality and not to bully.


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Nowadays, a lot of fuss is made about winning or losing. In martial arts, it’s not like this. Sovereign Martial Arts teaches their students how to play the game. Progress means failure, as only failure helps you to grow. We believe, everything you try, even if it might not be successful the first time, will make you stronger and more experienced. Martial arts deals a lot with self-improvement which isn’t achievable without the people around you. Our students learn to support each other and grow together, as a team. At Sovereign Martial Arts, ýour kids will learn what sportsmanship means and adapt this way of thinking to daily life. In the case of bullying, this means to stand up for others, support others and learn to point out strengths in others instead of making fun of weaknesses.



Martial arts gives us the ability to physically protect ourselves and those around us if it’s ever needed. Our classes empower the students, especially children, with a solid sense of responsibility. The programs we offer teach kids confidence in their skills and at the same time an understanding of the proper way to use them. All of our proven curriculum at Sovereign Martial Arts teaches not to promote harm or violence in any way – it’s quite the opposite. Kids learn how their actions affect others and how important it is to think about the consequences of their behavior before acting. Basically, bullying is the result of an individual that fails to realize how his actions can affect others. Thanks to martial arts, your children will reflect on their behavior and know the impact their actions have on others. By being aware of the consequences, children that take martial arts classes are less likely to bully others.


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Besides preventing bullying, kids martial arts classes at our schools help those who get bullied to overcome it and stand up safely against their bullies. Communication skills are practised and will help your kids to try solving conflicts better. Besides this, our students learn to defend themselves if they ever get physically attacked. Another benefit of taking martial arts classes for kids is a boost of your kid’s self-esteem and confidence , which is beneficial in every area of life.


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Bullying should never be taken lightly, and therefore we’re proud to prepare and educate our students on how to deal with this serious issue. We believe with the education offered through our classes, we can continue making a difference. If you’re looking for kid’s martial arts classes around Howell, Rahway or Belleville, NJ get in contact with us! We offer different programs for every age group, providing the perfect match for your child, or even your whole family!  We’d be happy to get to know you soon.