little boy doing a martial arts stance towards the camera

Our martial art classes for kids are a regular reminder that the training teaches way more than physical skills. In our programs, valuable life lessons are learned and your children’s character gets strengthened. The parents signing up their kids at Sovereign Martial Arts only want the best for their offspring, but may be wanting to go above and beyond to provide them with extra support. The skills learned in our lessons are also beneficial outside the classes and can improve your kid’s behavior at home significantly. Read on to learn how!



Not being respected is hard as a parent. If your kids don’t respect you properly, they’re likely to show the same behavior towards other adults, such as teachers. At Sovereign Martial Arts respect is essential. The kids learn to respect everyone, no matter what age or gender. They learn that everyone deserves to be respected and your kids will improve their behavior towards you.


young children sitting in a row in a martial arts classListening skills

When attending our classes it’s important that the kids listen to the instructor in order to be able to learn a new skill. Their listening skills are improved and this will show in daily life. Not only in school but also at home it’s significant that the kids pay attention when someone is talking to them. Probably every parent knows how annoying and exhausting it is to say the same thing a hundred times until the children finally decide to listen. After only a few weeks into training in our schools in Rahway, Belleville or Howell, you’ll recognize changes in your kid’s attention when you’re talking!


Discipline and focus

When it comes to homework or tasks in the household, most kids are anything but amused and try to avoid fulfilling their tasks. Homework and other responsibilities are getting postponed and may not even be finished. In order to become a successful martial artist, you have to be disciplined and always focus on your goal. In our programs, the kids learn that hard work pays off and that they only get better if they fulfill the tasks the instructors give them. This discipline and focus also helps your kids in their everyday life and will improve their opinion towards fulfilling their responsibilities in time.


four hands holding each otherTrust

Other essential skills in martial arts are trust and loyalty. If you don’t trust others, you’re not able to trust in yourself and you’ll never achieve your goals. Everyone in our Sovereign team supports each other like we’re a family and trusts in each other’s abilities. By learning to trust other people, your kids will even form a stronger bond to you as a parent and open up. Your children will trust you as much as possible which is the basis of a good relationship.



After only a few lessons, your kids’ confidence will be boosted significantly due to the challenges they learn to overcome. This confidence is also beneficial at home, as confident children are way more independent. This independence shows off in many different areas, such as homework or taking responsibility. You can be sure that you can always count on your kids and that they grow into strong personalities that make the right decisions!


Get started now

At Sovereign Martial Arts we support many kids on their path to growing up. The feedback of their parents shows us that the values taught in our programs are more than beneficial for their kids. If you want to get to know us, start a trial or if you have any more questions about the programs we offer, get in contact with us. You can call us or send an email or Facebook message. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!