Adult Kickboxing

howell martial arts schoolAction-Packed 800 Calorie Per Hour Burning Kickboxing Workout! Get Fit & Look Great!

Sovereign Martial Arts is proud to offer our Fitness Kickboxing program in the Howell. If you are looking for an exercise program that will get you the fitness results you’ve been hoping for, look no further! Adult Martial Arts classes at Sovereign Martial Arts will get you toned and conditioned while teaching you valuable kickboxing moves!

Perform drills and sequences that work multiple muscle groups and increase your power and strength. Our experienced trainers will motivate you to push yourself as you burn up to 800 calories per class! Unlike your typical gym membership, regular kickboxing classes will give you the physical results you’ve been dreaming of. When you have the accountability from an instructor who knows you by name, and are surrounded by a class full of people just like you, you are sure to be more motivated to stick with the workout routine.

Kickboxing in Howell, NJ.

Kickboxing – The ultimate Weight Loss Program!

Not only is fitness kickboxing an effective way to get fit, it’s also fun! Instead of mindlessly lifting weights while trying to distract yourself with up-tempo music, you are learning self defense moves in a room full of friends! Our culture at Sovereign Martial Arts is friendly, inclusive, and high-energy! Thats why you will feel right at home after just a few classes.

Besides a friendly environment Sovereign Martial Arts also provides members with:

  • Real weight loss results
  • A healthier heart
  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • Important self defense knowledge
  • and the perfect way to destress!

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