Kids Martial Arts

howell kids karateMartial Arts is a fun activity your kids will love! At Sovereign Martial Arts Academy here in Howell, we know kids learn best when they enjoy what they are doing! That’s why we have created a fun, supportive environment based upon mutual respect for kids to grow and thrive in.

Our Kids Martial Arts program provides students with the opportunity to form a foundation of various martial arts skills. Kid’s Martial Arts basics include striking, kicking, sweeps, punches, evasion tactics, footwork, and stances.

Kids Martial Arts in Howell, NJ

See The Benefits of Kids Martial Arts Classes. Proudly serving Rahway, Nutley, Belleville and Howell areas!

Your child will benefit by:

  • Learning self defense and bully prevention techniques
  • Increasing overall fitness
  • Developing concentration and improving motor skill movements
  • Improving self confidence and respect

We have designed a Kids Martial Arts curriculum ideal for kids of any age. Our program not only teaches effective martial arts techniques, but also important life skills. Exercise helps them stay in shape, let out stress, and even helps calm children with ADD / ADHD. Learning and practicing new skills and techniques helps them build discipline and focus. Our classes will teach the importance of working together, respecting one another, and builds positive social skills through effective Leadership Building skills.

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