The real-life benefits of our classes are on full display in this inspirational story from Denise, one of our student’s mothers. Read Denise’s powerful testimony below and see how we can help!

I’m continually amazed at what my children are learning about life and themselves from karate.

Vanessa has been having tremendous anxiety before every single cycle training. Tears, sleeplessness. In general, she’s terrified of failure and her anxiety skyrockets. But she’s learning that there is so much to learn from this. She keeps coming to me, “Mom, can I have more of your words of wisdom?”

She’s learning that discipline results in confidence. Her past fear brought out her discipline. Her continued practice resulted in her getting noticed in cycle training. Her Shihan was very impressed and praised her in front of everyone! She is learning that confidence trumps all the anxiety issues she’s been struggling with.

When asked what she loved the most about cycle training (karate), Vanessa said, “It helps me deal with life.” She just turned 9, by the way. It’s taking my shy, sensitive, anxious daughter and changing her into a confident, proud, strong, determined girl. Not only on the mat, but at home and in school.

If you want any of this for you or your children, we’re here to help.