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Even if you aren’t a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, 2020 may be the perfect year for you to refocus and set new goals. For some, that means finding a fun activity for the whole family, to get fit, lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more. Sticking to these resolutions might seem to be hard, but what if we tell you that we can help you make it become easier? At Sovereign Martial Arts, you learn to set realistic, yet challenging, goals. You’ll learn how to stay dedicated and how to take care of your mental health and body. Let’s take a closer look!



Let’s be honest: what was the longest time you managed to stay dedicated to your New Year’s resolutions? Most of the people don’t stick to them for too long, and forget their goals after only a few weeks have passed. Martial arts helps you to stay dedicated, to stay focused and to reach your goals. Thanks to our martial arts classes in Rahway, Belleville and Howell, NJ you’ll become a more disciplined person. Of course, it will take some time until you reach the highest level of mental control, but if you constantly work on it, you’ll get there!


fit woman in ponytail, grey sports bra, and boxing gloves hitting a punching targetGet Fit 

Getting fit is probably the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and actually a really important one. Getting fit means to improve your health and feel more confident about yourself and your body. In our martial art classes, getting fit plays a huge role, whether you are a beginner or experienced martial artist. Our instructors will understand your physical conditions and adjust your classes accordingly. At Sovereign Martial Arts, you’ll learn at your own pace and go your own journey. By sticking to your personal schedule, you’ll improve both mentally and physically and make your New Year’s resolution of getting fit become reality!


Lose Weight 

Getting fit goes along with losing weight, which is also one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Being physically active is an essential part of losing some pounds and getting in shape. Our martial art classes will challenge you constantly and help you stay active. By attending to the different programs we offer, such as Karate, Krav Maga or KickBoxing, on a regular basis, you’ll reduce body fat, build muscles and tone your body. Combined with a healthy diet, our martial arts classes will help you get strong and feel good about yourself.


Two young girls in martial arts outfits and blue belts practicing martial arts while one hold a punching bagImprove In School

New Year’s resolutions doesn’t necessarily have to be for adults. There are also many resolutions that can be goals for your kids. For example: improving in school! Our kids martial arts programs are the first step towards a successful professional life. The kids improve their listening skills, learn how to stay dedicated, take responsibility, and how to stay concentrated. A lot of valuable life lessons are taught in our kids martial arts which help your children to build their character, improve in school and be successful in every other area of life.



At Sovereign Martial Arts we have great community. You’ll never have to reach your goals alone, you’ll always have the support of the SMA family. We grow together as a team, and we push each other in every situation. Here, you won’t be the only one with New Year’s resolutions, which makes it easier for you to achieve them. Bring your friends and your family or get to know new people – in any case we’ll work towards your goals together!


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