kids and martial arts instructors standing together next to a boxing bag

These days, it’s challenging for parents to get their kids away from the TV, computer or mobile devices and encourage them to get active. It can also be hard managing a diverse list of activities for your children while juggling daily tasks.. Keeping kids active gets even more difficult in the summer holidays as there is much more free time to fill.

This is exactly where our martial arts summer camp comes in! Our summer camp is a great way for your kids to get active, make new friends, learn to protect themselves, and have a lot of fun. Martial arts not only challenges them physically in a fun way, but also encourages them to improve all areas of their lives. The environment of the summer camp is the perfect opportunity for your children to try martial arts or improve their skills if they are already practicing. Read on to learn why our summer camp is a great option to gain a deep knowledge of martial arts!


martial arts instructor kneeling next to a child with a glove and a boxing bagChallenges

Martial arts is challenging both physically and mentally. In our summer camp, there are new challenges waiting for the kids every day. What first seems to be impossible is considered easy the next day. The kids try new things, kick higher, punch harder and overcome challenges. They realize with hard work and practice they can accomplish more than they ever thought. Over the course of summer camp your kid’s confidence will grow significantly very quickly and they will learn they can achieve anything they want!



Consistency is an important lesson today. It is needed wherever the kids go and will help them in every area of life. By training every day in the summer camp, the kids will progress fast and learn that hard work and discipline pay off. The children can look back and see the value in hard training based on what they have accomplished thanks to not giving up and improving every day.


Young girl doing a high kick next to instructorFocus

During the summertime kids can relax and take a break from school and other stressful routines. This allows them to focus more on martial arts and helps to improve their physical and mental skills better than when not having a free mind. The summer camp becomes the only thing they are committed to at this time and they can completely open up to martial arts in order to take themselves to a whole new level.


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Overall, our Sovereign summer camp is a great chance to introduce a kid to martial arts or help them improve their skills. Thanks to daily training, progress is made very fast and the kids have the opportunity to practice as much as they like.

Besides this, our summer camp provides fun, new friends and a lot of other benefits.  If you have any questions, you can send us an email, a Facebook message or give us a call. We hope to get to know you soon and see your kids in our summer camp in Belleville or Rahway!

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