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The benefits of learning martial arts for children include developing a great character and learning life lessons. At Sovereign Martial Arts, we have mixed groups of girls and boys, learning and growing together. In society, martial arts is often still considered as a “boys sport”, which couldn’t be more wrong. Our programs are very beneficial for girls, as they learn to sharpen their skills, to not be afraid, and most important of all, not to limit themselves. Read on to get to know why martial arts encourage girls and women to grow!


Psychological Benefits

In a world that is obsessed with pop culture and celebrities, it’s important to give your kids something grounding like martial arts, especially for girls. The learned values and emotional benefits in the classes are taken into every other area of life and allows your kids to develop into a strong character. The structured nature of martial arts teaches discipline, focus, self-control, and listening skills. The girls also learn to respect their instructors and opponents which shows humility and honor. In general, martial art classes teach many precious values that are nowadays hard to find in the real world.


kneeling boy holding a pillow while girl kicks itPhysical Fitness and Skills

Martial arts are a great choice to increase the fitness of your children and provide them the possibility to release all their energy. Important fine motor skills are learned, muscles are built, and speed, flexibility as well as balance is developed. All those benefits will be carried into every other sport your girls might try in their lives. Martial arts is perfect to combine fun with the importance of getting active!



Being able to defend oneself is important for everyone. In our martial art programs, everyone learns the necessary skills to defend themselves against physical attacks. Also, a strong mindset is developed that allows your kids to react correctly if they ever get into a violent situation. Click here to read more about the importance of self-defense skills for kids and teenagers.


Life Lessons

There are many valuable life lessons that girls learn in our martial arts courses. At Sovereign Martial Arts we develop your girls’ character and support them on their journey of growing up. In every lesson, the kids are challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally and learn to solve every problem they may come across. The process of learning something new and being successful is beneficial for every stage of life and boosts confidence. The kids learn that dedication and hard work pays off and that you can reach anything you want.


Gender Equality young girls in martial arts outfit doing a stance

Our martial art schools promote gender equality at the highest level. Both girls and boys can be great martial artists. Girls and boys do the same exercises in our programs. They are treated the same way, they fight the same way, and they go the same journey. By training together the girls learn that they can learn the same skills as boys which encourages their self-respect and the understanding that women are not limited due to their gender.


It’s a Lot of Fun!

Famous female martial artists, like Ronda Rousey or Paige van Zant, inspired many girls to start practicing martial arts and doing what they want in general. And, to be honest: practicing martial arts is a lot of fun! Regardless of what society might imply, girls enjoy playing and fighting in a non-threatening way with their siblings or friends as much as boys do!


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