It depends on the program. Our Karate classes are for ages 7-adult so parents and children can be in the same class together. Our Kids martial arts classes are for ages 3-6 while the jr and adult classes are for ages 7-adult. In both Karate and kickboxing classes you will see participants of all ages, even entire families, having a great time together. Our Tiny Tigers program is separate. Tiny Tigers (ages 3-6) Jr warriors (ages 7-12) Teen and adults (ages 13-up)
No need to worry. While many people assume that martial arts teaches aggression, the opposite is actually true. The study of martial arts is based on respect, honor, self-control, and discipline. Countless articles have been published by Doctors and therapists who stress the many benefits of Karate. Proper instruction can help build self-confidence, increase self-esteem, and improve focus and concentration. Taught by qualified instructors at a professional school, it simply does not increase aggression. We talk to the children about the proper use of martial arts and we expect students to conduct themselves with respect, discipline, and "Black Belt attitude."
If you sign up for classes with us at SMA you may attend as many times per week as you like. While we encourage our unlimited students to attend class at least 2 days per week, we have some members who attend as often as 5 days per week. You may attend 1 day per week. This is a great option for very young children or students who have a very limited amount of time to dedicate to their training.
The cost for belt promotion is $60. Testing fees include a new belt, and participation in the promotion ceremony. Testings are a big deal at SMA and always a very exciting event for the students as well as their families
We teach Martial Arts and traditional karate (Shotokan) and kickboxing for ages 7-adult and krav maga to teens and adults. We also have a Tiny Tigers program for children ages 3-6, which teaches the children the basic skills of Karate as well as motor skills and character development like skills.
No. Uniform is included with our program. Additional equipment is required and must be purchased in the school once you enroll within the programs of marital arts.
No. All of our classes are offered at various days and times throughout the week. Unlimited students can pick and choose whatever classes fit into their schedule each week. There is no need to make reservations or call ahead. You just show up for the classes you select. However, if you miss a class and need to do a make-up you simply come another day that your class is offered.
All our Instructors have more than 100 years of combined martial arts experience. Many martial arts schools allow their new instructors to teach classes without proper development. At our academies, we believe that all classes deserve top-level instruction so we make sure that all our students are taught to lead. Our academies have internship training for students who desire to become instructors. We also want to give your Junior Instructors experience so they are allowed to assist with classes with the supervision of a higher level teacher.
The best way to get started is to fill in the form below, or give us a call or connect with us on Facebook and set up a convenient time for you to come in and tour our facility, meet with one of the Master Instructors, watch a class if you like, and ask any questions you may have. There are absolutely no obligations to join and you will never feel pressured to sign up for classes.
Yes! Students are taught to practice focus and concentration skills both inside and outside of the dojo which leads to better grades and even better job performance for adults. We have had many teachers (and parents) comment on what a difference they have seen in their students once they begin training in the martial arts. We also encourage the children to bring in their school report cards and we reward them for good grades.