kids sitting in front of martial arts instructors
How Martial Arts develop leadership skills

What does leadership mean? Before explaining how our martial arts programs develop leadership skills we have to define which characteristics good leaders have. For sure, being a leader requires a lot of confidence and courage when it comes to taking

Little girl wearing boxing gloves
Benefits of martial arts for a child in school

Are your kids having difficulties in school? School can be a challenging environment for some students, not only in class, but also socially. Kids have to succeed academically, while learning plenty of life lessons, getting to know a lot of

Group picture of people in black t-shirts posing for the camera
The importance of loyalty for adults in real life

Loyalty is one of the most important character traits every single person should develop at an early age and optimize throughout their whole life. In every kind of relationship, no matter if romantic, friendship, or business, loyalty plays a big

young boy with a bo staff practicing martial arts while yelling
The Importance of Loyalty in Martial Arts

Loyalty is one of the most important character traits everyone should have. In all areas of life, whether personal or professional, loyalty is priceless and a top priority in every kind of relationship. In martial arts, loyalty is taught in

Word of the month: LOYALTY

  “Loyalty means I’m down with you whether you are wrong or right, but I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right.”   What does loyalty mean? Loyalty is an important skill to have

Ambassador Program

  The Sovereign Martial Arts ambassador program is perpetual throughout the year. It is a prestigious referral program that reinforces the core tenants of the Sovereign family: dedication, leadership skills, loyalty, and of course…family! We have an ambassador frame present

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