woman in a gym pinning a man to the ground with her arms
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Throughout the last decade, martial arts has become more and more popular for several reasons. The sport offers diverse benefits, both mentally and physically. Martial arts teaches discipline, helps you get fit, lose weight, get more confident and helps you feel good about yourself. Many of our students are here to learn effective self-defense in order to be able to stand up for themselves whenever it’s needed. In our programs, we teach you how to avoid conflicts, how to get out of tricky situations and how to defend yourself. We teach and improve the skills that will always make you safe and help you keep a clear mind in case you ever get physically attacked. At Sovereign Martial Arts, there is the perfect self defense  program for everyone. Read on to get an overview of what we offer!


muscular woman with a ponytail and training clothes and boxing gloves hitting a punching bagKickboxing 

Many of our students at Sovereign Martial Arts love attending our kickboxing classes. It is not only fun, but also a great form of self defense. In our programs, you’ll first learn all the basics, such as different kicks and techniques. Besides being able to improve your self defense skills, kickboxing is also an effective cardio workout. Thanks to our certified curricula, you’ll build up strength all over your body and improve your agility and speed, which may be important in violent situations. Another benefit of kickboxing is that it is highly reliable to real world situations and prepares you to defend yourself. If you’re looking for a workout that improves your strength, is fun and teaches you self defense that you can easily adapt to real situations, kickboxing might be your perfect match!


When it comes to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) most people immediately think of an aggressive way of fighting and the UFC. Let us tell you: it’s not just that! MMA is actually one of the most effective self-defense styles you can learn. When becoming a MMA fighter, you’ll use different martial art styles to be effective. The styles are combined and blended into one. Therefore, it is really beneficial to have experience in one or more martial arts. As an MMA fighter, you’ll be able to quickly react to your opponent, and choose which kicks and punches will be most efficient in different situations. Whether you’re in an upright position or on the ground, thanks to the wide range of techniques that can be used in MMA, there’s always the perfect way to defend yourself.


Krav Maga krav maga ground pin demonstration

Krav Maga does not only teach you all kinds of self defense, but also boosts your confidence and mental strength. This martial art was originally invented by the Israeli military and meant to teach civilians easy, but highly effective self defense techniques so that everyone was able to turn their body into weapons within seconds. Krav Maga teaches you several strikes, kicks, blocks, fighting techniques when laying on the ground and how to defend yourself against weapons or group attacks. Another benefit would be strength and fitness. All in one, Krav Maga is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves quickly!


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The best way to find the perfect martial arts for you is to try them all. At Sovereign Martial Arts, you have the chance to participate in a free month trial and get to know our schools, programs, students and instructors. Whether you’re living around Howell, Belleville or Rahway, NJ get in contact with us and visit us in one of our schools today!