Battle of the Warriors

The Battle of the Warriors is almost here!

Battle of the warriors coming in March 16 2019, location of event will be at City of Hope International Church 22 Wilson Ave  Kearny Nj 07032. events are point Spar, Forms, Weapons, Breaking, Ninja Wars and Continuous Spar. Div Seniors, Teens Adults and Youth.


Contact Info 877-762-3656 or email

The Battle of the Warriors is almost here!

March 16, 2019, be prepared for the ultimate battle.

Event competitions include sparring, continuous sparring, forms, weapons, breaking, and Ninja Wars.

Senior, teen, adult, and youth divisions will be competing.


City of Hope International Church, 22 Wilson Ave, Kearny NJ, 07032


Contact Info

(877) 762-3656


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