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You can’t be going through life expecting everything. You gotta have discipline.

– Cam’ron


Self-discipline is the key to success in martial arts, but it’s also an important factor for success in real life. By focusing on specific goals and learning that you have to work hard to achieve them, a certain strength is developed that impacts your daily life. At Sovereign Martial Arts, we believe that it’s important to start developing self-discipline from a young age, as it has many real-world benefits for a child.

Here are some of the benefits of developing self-discipline from a young age:


In the modern world, it happens way too often: children are accustomed to just getting what they want, without really doing anything for it. Martial arts teaches children to have restraint and patience. A child will learn that they must accept there is a journey to achieving goals and that they must remain patient and disciplined to get where they want to be.


Entering a competition helps children to aim for the highest prize which helps teach them about setting goals in life. Whether they win or lose, the competition teaches them to deal with either outcome. This will be beneficial for a child later on in life. It teaches children that they can’t always win or get what they want. Children learn to strive for the goal of succeeding, even after a setback or three of not succeeding, we teach them not to give up!


Martial arts gets kids away from their screens and off the sofa. It’s an unfortunate truth that many children aren’t learning essential life skills today. It’s so easy for them to be enticed by an iPad or Netflix, but they need to get out there and learn about the real world.  Martial arts encourage children to be more physically active on a regular basis while at the same time having fun and making new friends. Learning a martial art is a full body workout, not only physically but mentally as well!


Sometimes, children struggle to respect authoritative figures. Martial arts teaches kids to respect their instructor, and each other, as they learn the art and develop discipline. In everyday life, it helps children show more respect to parents, teachers or any other authoritative figure they engage with.


Listening is key in martial arts. If the children didn’t listen to the instructor, they would be unable to successfully perform the stance or move they are being taught in class. At Sovereign Martial Arts, we teach listening on a one-to-one basis as well as in groups. Learning and successfully performing a new move or skill requires children to pay attention to every detail from the instructor. Successful children will make quick progress through the different belts and will then replicate this behavior in real-world situations.


When a child masters a new skill or move by being self-disciplined and consistently practicing, it will boost their confidence and give them a real sense of achievement. Working their way up through the belt classes shows that hard work and self-discipline pays off, giving the child something to be confident about. This has a significant impact on their success in school and also in later stages of life.


Teamwork is a skill that kids should learn as early as possible. In life, there will be many different situations in which your children have to work as part of a team to achieve the best result possible. In our classes, your kids will also work in pairs to practice and learn new skills and moves. This teaches them to respect the other children and their ideas. They’ll learn that sometimes two heads are better than one!


A common myth of martial arts is that it promotes violent behavior, but in fact, it is quite the opposite! Martial arts teach children peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills. Being self-disciplined means being able to control emotions and not react impulsively.


We at Sovereign Martial Arts believe that martial arts bring invaluable benefits to your child’s developing personality.

For this, we offer a wide range of different martial art programs for kids, as well as a summer camp. If you want to learn more about the programs your child can attend, and find out which fits best, just give us a call, leave us an email or send us a message in Facebook chat.

We hope to hear from you soon!