I take the SMA kickboxing class. These instructors are the real deal. They are experienced in Martial Arts and show you the proper way to kick and punch. Not only that, but they go around and make sure you're doing it the right away. If not, they will help you and guide you and show you variations. You feel like they care about each person in every class. We punch and kick heavy bags. It's such a good workout, a great way to let out aggression and soooo much fun! Along with punching and kicking, we do various strength training exercises which also help building muscle and burn fat. These are tough exercises, but they really work. You don't want the exercises to be easy. They challenge you on many levels, and you leave the class feeling stronger and more fit than ever. Oh and one more thing. Aside from the best workout of your life, SMA remembers names which I find so impressive. Every time I enter or leave, they say hello or bye along with my name. Something so simple like this wonderful customer service can make the difference in choosing this class versus any other!


Best place on earth. Complete family atmosphere. I've seen my children's progress in discipline and respect increase. My children have done so much better in school and activities. You can't find a better place to bring your child to for complete development in their skills and minds.


Proud Karate Mom here.... Each week I see Abigail improve - not just in her lessons - but in her concentration, attention span and desire to want to learn more. I cannot wait to see what else will be upon this amazing horizon!


What a great self defense class tonight. I feel that God forbid I or my girls find themselves in that position of having to defend ourselves we will be survivors instead of victims. And thank you for sponsoring this event to support 180 turning lives around.


What a great self defense class tonight. I feel that God forbid I or my girls find themselves in that position of having to defend ourselves we will be survivors instead of victims. And thank you for sponsoring this event to support 180 turning lives around.


Always an amazing time! Whether it be my weekly workouts or learning new self defense moves or tips! I look forward to my SMA trips through the week!!


I first started at SMA through Groupon because I had recently moved to Rahway and was transitioning from a gym I already had a contract with. I found it on groupon and on the spur of the moment, I decided to at least try it out. Wasn't expecting anything big becuase i was worried about the price and money. Went to SMA the first day, was immediately welcomed by the staff, especially Jana. Explained my reasoning for being there and she set me up with the kickboxing class right away. She actually led the class that night and I got into the class right away...what felt like 5 mins to me was actually an hour. I was so taken back and thrilled at how fast the class was, how professional everybody was and how "family like" the atmosphere felt. As I continued to take the kickboxing classes, I continued to see how much support there was for me through each class. Admittedly, it didn't take me long to explore what other options SMA had to offer. Training there has become like an addiction of sorts, the feeling after a good qork out pales in comparison to the feeling I got from previous gyms. Due to a "spur of the moment" decision, I made new friends, learned new moves, and found myself surrounded with such support and optimism from everybody at SMA.


I started my son when he was 3 years old thinking he would love it. I was wrong. After about the first month he went from liking it to not doing anything nor listing. The staff was patient and would even do a one on one with him. Fast forward to two years later. He would run into the gym and be the loudest. I can not thank everybody at SMA for everything they have done. I will continue his karate but nothing will ever beat SMA or the staff. From my Son David and myself thank you for what you have shown him. If i can only tell parents that in the beginning it will be ruff, tears and yelling will come from your child. Dont give up. SMA didnt give up on my son nor should you. I will miss you all!!


Great atmosphere - positive and encouraging - they keep me moving, even when I think I have to stop! You want to get a great workout while venting your frustrations? You need to take their cardio kickboxing class. It's awesome.


My son, Billy, loves karate and has been only doing it for almost 3 months now.. I love the teaching and the great environment. Everyone feels like family and the place feels like home. So glad to be part of it.


I just want to thank everyone @ SMA for an amazing day yesterday at the battle. It's because of all the training and hard work put in, these kids were awesome...A special thanks to instructors/sensai Gabby & Tony who put so much time and effort into getting my Jo-Jo on his game, it certainly paid off. Thank you Tatiana for your time spent helping Joe. Much love and thanks to Shihan Jose/Jana DiCervo for guiding and pushing our kids when they are tired and/or just not as focused on certain days!!! xoxoxoxo Jo-Jo & Lisa xoxoxoxo


Amazing self defense class!! This is something every woman, young or old can benefit from learning. I have been to other classes, and never had the benefit of actual role play. Thank you!!


I just started attending their Krav Maga and kickboxing classes. The classes are challenging, the instructors are motivational, and it's a great place to get fit while learning self-defense.


Awesome schools, awesome teachers, i know shihan cuervo since he was a young kid, he has turned out to be an awesome teacher, businessman, great friend, great martial artist, just a great human being.