We teach resilience. While so many aspects of daily life have been sidelined, SMA has strived to carry on in good health and positivity in both body and mind, promoting vital ideals of self-discipline and personal accomplishment with an emphasis on its relationship to community strength and responsibility.

These times offer us all a chance to teach our children that challenges can be met, that our spirit cannot be diminished, that we together can rise to the occasion.

SMA Online Training has kept students on-track to achieve their Belts through virtual sessions. One of the most important things we hope to impart in our community is that goals can always be achieved despite setbacks. Especially for veteran students whose development in our Programs may have otherwise been halted or stagnated.



As part of the SMA community, the sense of accomplishment felt by a student when a bar is reached can be a milestone, encouraging them to continue on their path with confidence and a positive attitude which lends itself to other aspects of life. As kids develop, it’s important to reinforce a positive outlook and to remind them of life’s abundant possibilities as well as their
own potential. Things may seem bleak on the news or in online media, however SMA’s courses keep students focused on the merits of their achievements while providing positive and constructive reinforcement.

The 30 minutes or so spent with instructors has an enduring effect. Throughout daily life, the lessons learned in online sessions have a lasting impact, reminding students of their ability to overcome obstacles and to achieve goals in spite of challenges. Our students and instructors never fail to amaze us, and we have only the highest hopes for the future.