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It’s no surprise that a child’s early years are crucial when it comes to how their sense of self-esteem develops. A developing mind absorbs information like a sponge, so it’s important to make sure they’re not only absorbing the right information, but also reacting in an appropriate manner. How a child internalizes things will impact the way they see themselves and the world for the rest of their lives!


Self-Esteem Growth

Praising your child for tasks well completed obviously isn’t a bad thing. A “Great job!” or “Fantastic work!”, when appropriate, is a great way to let them know they’re on the right track. According to one child development expert, self-esteem grows from three places: love, security, and competence.

The first two are easily nurtured with praise, but be careful! Giving your child too much praise over time for completing simple tasks can lower their expectations for themselves. The key to growing a child’s competence comes from allowing them to take on challenges by themselves. By overcoming personal obstacles and bettering themselves, their competence and thus their self-esteem grows – there’s really no substitute!

Self-Esteem and Martial Arts

Martial Arts is an incredible way to help nurture a child’s self-esteem! Training gives a child concrete self-betterment goals to tackle. While it’s true they’ll have a professional team of trainers and peers to help them on their journey, at the end of the day, they’ll be completing tasks and achieving goals based solely on their own merits. This is an outstanding way to help boost their self-esteem!

Allowing your child to take risks and take on their own challenges head on can be scary for any parent. Never forget, children are capable problem solvers just like us! Giving them the chance to become champions of their own little victories is an excellent way to set them up for future success and good self-esteem. When your child passes their first belt test using skills they’ve learned and practiced themselves, you’ll feel even better telling them “Great job!”.

SMA Family

At Sovereign Martial Arts, we teach, guide, and support our students throughout their training; giving them the tools and skills they need to become masters of their own destiny. We believe in family, togetherness, and comradery; but also independence, leadership, and of course, self-esteem. We’re excited to help anyone begin their journey. Give us a call; we hope to hear from you soon!

Jose and Jana DiCervo