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Sovereign Martial Arts has being doing our part these weeks by moving to online instruction of our programs and courses. The success has been remarkable, as students work to achieve goals in their group with the guidance of enthusiastic and attentive instructors.






Effective communication with students is and has always been an essential key to our practice. This becomes especially true as we are

operating virtually in online sessions. Our online programs are a major factor in maintaining structure and socialisation, during times of

isolation at home. SMA’s online courses are safe and rewarding options for kids to stay engaged and healthy, in body and mind, while at home and actively communicating with others in training in the pusuit of progress.
The shared efforts of our teachers and students provide important reinforcement with focus on group responsibility and community strength.

For our students, the online training programs privide an essential sense of being with others for the hour or so that they spend with instructors and classmates. As social distancing has affected normal exposure to community activities, these hours spent in online group activities have become invaluable to kids and to their families.


One mother notes, “With all the time we have to spend at home nowadays, taking online classes have helped my kids not only exert energy but continue on their journey to Black Belt. Seeing my two boys do online classes have inspired our daughter to join them and take advantage of them as well. Even more, it has served as motivation for my husband to embark on a fitness journey as well as my father-in-law and my dad. It has been a positive trickle-down effect which has us more energized than ever.”
We’re proud to know that the hard work and energy of our wonderful instructors has had such an impact on families all throughout our community. While our goal was primarily focused on attending to our young students, it’s been amazing to see that the benefits of these online courses are being reflected in whole entire families.


Online martial arts training by SMA has reached families all over our community with hopes of doing our part to keep kids active, healthy and engaged in these uncertain circumstances. The goal was always to reach out to families with the hopes of keeping children active and focused on goals; to provide structure when kids need it most.