The promise of summer draws closer, and so too does our martial arts summer camp! The summer holidays can be seemingly endless if you have kids to entertain. As a parent, it can be difficult to come up with new, interesting activities every day, and impossible to take time off from work to keep an eye on them. Based on this, it’s no surprise that summer camps are a popular choice for many families in the US. If you’ve been to a camp yourself as a child, you won’t be surprised when you hear about the benefits of a summer camp. Having experienced the benefits for yourself, you know about the positive effects it has and want your children to have the same opportunity. But if you didn’t go to a camp as a child, you probably don’t know how beneficial this experience can be. So, here are all the benefits of our martial arts summer camp !


Improving social skills and building friendships

Joining our summer camp means joining a community in which everyone cooperates and respects each other. Being in a community means building teamwork skills and making new friends. Free from social pressure like at school, the kids are able to relax and connect with other kids easily. In our summer camp, there is no space for bullying and it’s a kind of crash course in developing social skills within a new group of people. Spending the summer in our Sovereign schools also means developing emotional intelligence and learning important values. Your kids will learn to recognize, understand, and manage emotions which is the key toward good social connections, long-lasting friendships, and a successful future.


Forgetting about technology

In a time where kids grow up surrounded by more technology than ever, it’s essential to show them how to live a life without their iPhone, iPad, computer, video games, or TV. In our Sovereign summer camp, the kids only have limited access to their mobile devices in free-time. This means every child can fully engage with the activities and take a break from the digital world. They learn that they can live in the moment without technology and still have fun, connect with others and just have a great time!


young children in martial arts outfits doing the splitsPhysical activities

We promise, at our Sovereign camp, your child won’t just sit inside and do nothing or watch TV! For us, it is important to get the kids off the sofa and teach them to get active and start moving. Our summer camp is the perfect opportunity to lead your child toward an active and healthy lifestyle. Our camp means action!


Grow Confidence

In our summer camp, the kids are challenged by new tasks and activities every day. Some of them might seem impossible for them in the beginning, but with some practice, they achieve their goals. The campers learn to get out of their comfort zone and stand up and try again even if they might fail first. The supportive camp environment helps the kids to appreciate their success, learn from failures and grow confidence and self-belief. This mindset will not only transfer to other camp activities, but also to every other challenge in life!


Improve Martial Art Skills  

Our martial art summer camp is a great opportunity for your kids to develop their martial arts skills. Whether they already have some basic skills or no skills at all – the camp is a great opportunity for everyone to learn new things!


young children sitting in front of martial arts instructorLeadership skills

Leadership can be learned in many different ways at our Sovereign schools and is built in the summer camp as well. The kids have to complete different activities as a team and they have to cooperate. For this, it’s important to have a voice and discover which skills and qualities make them a good leader and are beneficial for the whole group. The camp gives kids the opportunity to take initiative, come up with their own ideas, and share their knowledge with others that may struggle with a certain task.


Freedom and independence

Our summer camp is the perfect place for your kids to learn how to make their own, reasonable decisions without parents guiding them every moment. Learning how to make their daily choices in the safe camp environment is a huge step toward growing up. Basically, our summer camp helps kids to understand and develop their unique personality, gives them a carefree time, and a break from overly-scheduled routines of home and school.


Sign up your child

Our Sovereign Martial Arts summer camp stands for fun and an amazing learning environment. The camp also supports numerous health benefits for the body and mind. If you want your kids to have fun all summer long while learning important values along the way, save a spot in our camp now and sign up your child for the camp in Rahway or Belleville!

children and martial arts instructors sitting in a large circle

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