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We live in a society that is changing all the time. Old is replaced by new, and what was “in” one day is “out” the next day. With all these constant changes, it can be difficult for our kids to develop strong character and morals. For them, it may be harder to stick to something, stay true to themselves and to others. In times like these, teaching your child to be loyal is more important than ever.

Loyalty has a positive impact on everyone’s life and is crucial for a healthy life, good character, and a unique identity. Being loyal has many benefits in different areas of life, both personal and professional. In our martial arts classes, loyalty is important and one of the first things our students learn. It’s been proven time and time again through testimony that kids adapt the lessons learned in our classes to their daily lives. Our martial arts programs are perfect to help develop a sense of loyalty. Read more to learn how your child can apply the benefits of loyalty learned in martial arts to their daily life!


kids in martial arts outfits sitting cross legged in front of instructor in a red gymLoyalty toward themselves

Our kids are confronted with changes on a daily basis. There are so many new things they learn, many new people they meet, new games they play, new popular celebrities that influence them. Overall, there is not much substance. Our kids are almost trained to expect new, changing or rotating aspects in their life. With all these constant changes, it’s very hard to develop familiarity. Many of our children feel pressure to fit in and be scared of what happens if they don’t. In our martial arts classes, we teach our students to be proud of what they are and to develop a unique character. We teach our students not just to follow, we teach them to do what they like and to stick to it, no matter what other people think or say. Within our martial arts programs, the kids become strong personalities and grow confidence to be who they really are!


Loyalty toward others

Nowadays, we live in a throwaway culture of constant upgrades and replacability.. For our children it’s important to learn that this principle does not really work for EVERYTHING. The things that are being replaced are objects, not people. Often society shows an attitude that says “do what’s best for you” and loyalty is replaced by self preservation. In order to build strong relationships, our kids must learn that the “you” does not always outweigh the “us”. To build long-lasting friendships, they have to know what it means to be loyal. Loyalty is also an important skill to have in the relationship between parents and kids. Being loyal means to have a strong feeling of support or alliance – and this is the basis of every strong relationship. We can’t expect our kids just to know this. We have to show them, and this is exactly what we do in our programs. We teach our artial arts students to support each other, help each other, and appreciate their accomplishments. Like this, the kids learn to be loyal, build trust, and learn how to maintain relationships.


Loyalty toward obligations Two kids in martial arts outfits practicing forms

Another important part of loyalty taught in martial arts is to stick to a regular training routine. If our students stick to their routine, they recognize that they can accomplish more by attending regularly than by just showing up casually. The kids learn that it’s helpful to do things when they’re able instead of procrastinating. In daily life, this mindset has huge benefits. Our students learn to fulfill their obligations like homework, school projects, or tasks in the household in time. It becomes way easier for them to get things done by themselves without having their parents asking them to do something multiple times. Being loyal toward tasks and obligations pays off in the form of better grades in school and a more pleasant atmosphere at home!


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