older woman and young boy in martial arts outfits practicing a kick while the boy holds the woman's foot in the air

Am I too old to start taking Martial Arts classes? Is my child too young to join the Kids Martial Art program? Should I wait another year before I sign up at Sovereign Martial Arts?  What’s the best age to start training in the martial arts? All of these questions are frequently asked in our schools in Rahway, Belleville and Howell, NJ. Many people are trying to find out when it is best to start training at Sovereign Martial Arts in order to become a successful martial artist. Find the answers, here!


two little girls with braids practicing martial arts while one wears a red belt and the other a yellow beltStarting Martial Arts At An Early Age 

At Sovereign Martial Arts, kids CAN start at the age of 3 to participate in our programs. Why did we write the word “CAN” in capital letters? It’s because we want to make it clear that it is not a MUST to sign up your kids that early. Everyone develops at a different pace. Some children are ready to start earlier than others. You’re the one that knows your child best, and if you feel like it’s time to take the next step, then go for it and sign your child up for character development training at Sovereign Martial Arts. Our programs are designed to teach children how to be aware, and learn how to apply discipline. In our classes, students develop essential skills, improve their balance and become more confident. In general, kids learn different than adults, and are more likely to adapt or learn new skills quicker. This doesn’t mean it won’t take some time until your children get all the kicks and punches, so patience and consistency is key. We allow every child to develop at their own pace with a common goal, and that is black belt excellence. That being said, it’s great to let your kids start practicing martial arts as soon as they’re ready. It will help and support them in developing their own personality along with good coordination, patience, concentration and social skills. In conclusion: there’s no perfect time for kids to start with Martial Arts. If you feel like they’re ready, give it a try!


Starting Martial Arts As An Adult man with a buzz cut and a martial arts outfit with a black belt doing a punching pose

If you’re interested in starting Martial Arts as an adult, but are afraid of being too old, you’re not the only one. Many adults have reached out to us wanting to start their journey, but were a little hesitant at first because of their age. We truly believe, you’re never too old to start practicing martial arts. In the end, age is just a number and doesn’t define your abilities as a martial artist. In our courses, we provide you the opportunity to learn in a safe environment and make your own progress. You’ll learn effective self-defense skills as well as valuable life skills that tend to develop happiness and strong family bonds in our students who participate. Additionally, our martial arts classes help you get fit and achieve the best shape of your life, not only physically, but mentally. No matter what age you are, our programs will challenge you and let you grow as a person, at your pace. So, instead of thinking about it, why not take action and schedule your first discovery session?


Let’s Get Started 

We can tell you: the perfect time to get started with Martial Arts is NOW! In the wide range of programs we offer at Sovereign Martial Arts, there’s a perfect match for everyone. No matter how old or young. For further questions, please contact us via email, phone or Schedule your first session now!