martial arts vs football

Football has always been the favorite sport of many Americans, but recently people have started thinking about the benefits and dangers of it. Is it really good to let our kids practice football from an early age? Isn’t the sport too dangerous for our kids? Is there a high risk of brain damage caused by football? What are alternative, less dangerous sports?


We have to admit football, and other team sports such as baseball, soccer, or volleyball, have diverse benefits. The kids get active, build strength and reduce body fat. They also learn how to work in a team and how to be social. At the same time, there are many things to be concerned about when it comes to children practicing football. The biggest problem is brain injuries due to repetitive tackles and hits. During recent years, several studies were published which show that football can cause traumatic brain injuries after only a few years of training. The injuries can affect the players for the rest of their lives, leading to depression, Alzheimer’s, and chronic headaches.


Those high risks make parents search for other, safer sports for their kids. We at Sovereign Martial Arts believe there is no sport out there that combines physical education and character development like martial arts does. Besides providing the same benefits like fitness and teamwork as traditional team sports like football does, martial arts has even more to offer. Read on to get to know why martial arts is definitely worth giving a try!


Martial Arts Season never ends

Football and basically every other team sport are seasonal. Our martial arts classes happen throughout the whole year. Even in the summer, you have the oppurtunity to practice thanks to our summer camp! This consistency and availability helps kids to build discipline and allows them to progress constantly.


Skills and abilities

Compared to football, martial arts teaches more complex skills. In our programs, our students develop precision and patience as well as flexibility and balance. Furthermore, diverse life skills are taught and practiced. Martial arts is all about technique and mental toughness instead of physical attributes.


two kids kneeling with staffsGender equality

Martial arts is one of the few sports where both girls and boys can learn and “play” together. In our programs, we have girls and boys practicing together and learning to respect each other. By not dividing genders, we give children the opportunity to learn from one another no matter their gender, and show them that we’re all equal.



Learning how to defend oneself is probably one of the most common reasons people start with martial arts classes or sign up their kids. Basically, every style taught in our Sovereign schools is a great one to learn self defense. Besides learning the techniques to defend themselves, our students also develop the mindset needed to think about how to avoid danger and how to react when being in danger. Martial arts training builds up the skills needed if your kid is ever in dangerous situations. It  gives them the confidence to stand up whenever it’s required.


Character development

Practicing martial arts is beneficial for kids as they learn many precious life values in the programs. Besides becoming more disciplined, focused and confident, our students learn about the importance of loyalty and respect. It’s proven that the skills learned in our classes also affect the children’s daily life, martial arts improves performance in school, and every other area of life. Martial art classes guide your children to becoming a strong person with great values and a unique personality!


Individual achievement

Our students learn to work as a team but also get to know the importance of creating their own journey. At our Sovereign schools, everyone sets unique goals and masters becoming a black belt at their own pace. When it comes to football and other team sports, the “build the team” model often favors more physically developed kids while forgetting about the rest. Coaches have to choose from a larger number of players and pick the biggest and strongest ones in order to win. By doing so the kids that haven’t been picked watch from the bench and the season goes by. At our Sovereign schools, every kid gets the same treatment and chances to show and develop their skills without being compared to other students.


kid hitting punching bag with trainer yelling at himTrain as a family

Wouldn’t it be cool to train together with your child and develop a deeper connection? At our schools, you can attend martial art classes as a family. You’ll have a proper space to learn from each other and grow together, as a team. Doing a special activity like martial arts together builds a strong bond between you and your kids and allows you to get fit together!


Martial Arts are global

You can find martial art gyms in every country and area you’re around. If your kids move out one day, maybe even to another country, or go on a long vacation, they won’t have any problems finding a place to keep on practicing martial arts. For sports like American football, it probably won’t be that easy as it is rare to find the sport in other countries.


Sign up your child for a two-week free trial!

Our martial art schools are a safe place for kids to get active. Compared to football, or other team sports, our programs have way more to offer with a lower risk of injuries.

Contact us if you want to get to know us and start a 2-week trial for your kids at our martial arts schools in Howell, Rahway or Belleville. You can send us an email, a Facebook message or give us a call. We would be more than happy to hear from you soon!

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