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In May, our word of the month is belief. Throughout the whole month, we focus even more on this life skill and make sure that every student understands what belief means and why it is important in every single area of life and in martial arts. Basically, for us, belief means having a “yes, I can do it!” attitude, a positive mindset and an open mind toward new tasks. In order to develop and grow, belief is essential. Everyone has to understand and see what they are capable of and try no matter how challenging something is and how many times they might fall.


Importance of belief in daily life

Life isn’t always easy and kids have to learn to fight for their dreams at as early as possible. Solving problems and overcoming challenges can only be done if they build confidence and believe in themselves. It is important to learn not to give up after the first try and lose faith in their own abilities. Whether in school, at home or later in college or a job, belief is one of the most important life skills to have in order to be successful.


Little boy in a group doing a karate punchImportance of belief in martial arts

In our martial art school, we challenge our students in every single lesson. They’re learning new skills and movements while improving the ones they’ve already learned. With those constant changes, it is important that they have belief in themselves and in others. Our students learn that they can reach every goal if they keep on trying, believing and practicing. By believing in themselves, they develop discipline and optimism which helps significantly in almost every aspect of life. Positive thoughts are what bring the greatest achievements and makes a successful martial artist.


Develop belief

Like with every other skill, belief isn’t learned after only one lesson at our martial arts school in Rahway, Howell or Belleville. We, at Sovereign Martial Arts, and you, as a parent, have to encourage the children to try something new and see themselves that they can do even more than they might think they could. Also, they have to learn step by step to change their mindset and develop a positive attitude. Here are some ideas on how you can help your kids to develop self-belief outside our classes!



  • Change the way you talk Motivational image of a hand holding scissors cutting a piece of paper with I can't do it written on it


Sometimes we say “I can’t” when standing in front of a challenge, but basically, we mean “I don’t know how to do this…yet”. Try to avoid the word “can’t” in situations like this. You’ll see, your kids will follow your example soon and also change their words, which changes their mindset. They understand that nothing is impossible and that they just have to find a way to solve problems. Many things in life require process and with the right attitude, this process starts to seem natural for your kids. By choosing your words carefully, you help your kids build self-confidence and teach them to face every challenge with an open, positive mind.



  • Stop negative thoughts


Positive self-talk is the key to believe in our own abilities. Your kids have to learn not to let negative thoughts control their minds and stop them from success. You can help them to create a positive mindset with being a good example. This can happen, as mentioned above, with the choice of your words and some other tips and tricks. For example: do not allow your kids to speak negatively about themselves and don’t let them hear you talking negatively about yourself. You’re just as great as your inner voice tells yourself you are!



  • Believe in others and they’ll believe in you  


Being a positive spark in the lives of others helps your kids to stay positive themselves. Teach them to compliment others and see their special skills. This will remind other people how special they are and helps your kids to see their own precious skills. Another benefit is that others will probably compliment your kids back and also push their self-confidence. By believing in others, you and your kids will get so much more back!



  • Try new things little asian boy in karate outfit laughing with hands together


The more you challenge your kid’s abilities the more confidence they will gain in themselves and learn to deal with whatever life offers. These challenges can be simple activities, like cooking a new recipe or making new friends. Whatever it is, your kids will learn to face everything new with positivity and belief.


Sign up your child for our kids martial arts programs

On the way toward becoming a strong and confident person with a strong sense of belief, our martial arts programs support your kids in the best way possible and provide many more benefits. In Rahway, Howell, and Belleville we offer different programs as well as a summer camp (starting in June).

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