hands pulling on martial arts black belt
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Becoming a black belt is the goal of almost every one of our students, as it represents a high level of expertise and knowledge. After becoming a black belt, for sure you’ll have a set of incredible, physical martial art skills, but being a black belt means way more than this. Reaching the level of a black belt is a state of mind, it’s an attitude. And this is exactly what our word of the month is designed to remind you of. Read on to learn what it means to have the attitude of a black belt – whether you’re already there, or still on your journey.


Staying positive 

No matter what – stay positive! As a black belt, you learn to always focus on the good and develop a positive mindset. Yes, life can get rough sometimes, but you need to find ways to overcome these bad phases instead of suffering and feeling sorry for yourself. Black belts are fighters, black belts overcome every challenge and believe in themselves.


woman in black belt practicing martial artsSelf-motivation

Push yourself to the maximum! Black belts learn on their journey to motivate themselves and never give up. If you want to reach that level of martial arts, you always have to strive for more and don’t be satisfied with what you have. There’s always something you can improve, there is always another goal to reach and there’s no end to improvement. Stay motivated and we can assure you: you will achieve many great things!


Emotional tact

Black belts are team players, caring about others and having great social skills. At Sovereign martial arts we’re a family, supporting each other and helping wherever help is needed. Our black belts have the ability to give critique without hurting others’ feelings and always consider other people’s reactions.


Be a thinker and a doer 

Think about your actions and then allow them to become real. Black belts consider the results of their actions first and think about every detail. Black belts don’t just dream about their future. Once they make a plan, they do what is necessary to make it become a reality.  It’s important to be a doer to reach your goals!


Be patient woman in black belt doing martial arts pose

Patience and persistence are the keys to great success in martial arts. Black belts learn on their journey to be accepting things as they come and that some achievements take more time than others. Everyone moves at their own pace. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you remain patient, willing, and don’t stop trying!


Start now 

Are you ready to become a black belt? Start practicing at one of our Sovereign Martial Arts schools now! If you want to get some more information about us, you can contact us via phone, email or Facebook message. We would be more than happy to welcome you soon!