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“Loyalty means I’m down with you whether you are wrong or right, but I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right.”


What does loyalty mean?

Loyalty is an important skill to have in life. It is the key to strong bonds with other people, like friends or family, and an essential part of trust. Loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance and faithfulness to commitments or obligations, no matter what the circumstances are. Being loyal also means being respectful toward everyone around and to work as a team. People who are loyal understand that when we work as a team and win, we share the victory and if we lose, we all lose together.

Loyalty in our Sovereign Martial Art schools

In our Sovereign family, loyalty is a value that we teach our martial art students, expect them to have within the classes and also adapt to their daily life. Making commitments is not a bad thing, it guides you the way to becoming a strong and trustworthy person.

Our students, who are kids as well as adults, show loyalty in every class by attending physically and mentally. From the beginning,  we ask everyone to show that they support each other, respect them and that they are proud of every single step they take. This makes our students come to every martial art class dedicated and ready to learn new things and shows them that they are never alone on their journey.

Another part of the loyalty we teach is respectingother’s opinions and what they have to say. For this, it doesn’t matter if the counterpart is a parent, the instructor, or a fellow classmate.

When teaching how to become a loyal person it is also significant to set individual goals for our students and make sure that they stick to those goals. They show their loyalty with hard work and dedication to achieve those goals.


Furthermore, we teach our students to let the skills learned in our classes become part of their daily life. For us, it is important that all our martial art students are proud of their training and aren’t afraid to tell others about it. Being loyal toward their own values means having faith that martial arts could change a friend’s lives the same way it has made them a better person.

All our instructors try their best to teach those life values. They are dedicated and loyal to being there for all the students in order to help them become better martial artists and more successful people in every area of life!


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Martial Arts have many different benefits for kids and adults. Besides loyalty, our programs teach diverse life skills that have a positive impact.

In our Rahway, Howell and Belleville locations we offer different martial art programs, such as Karate, Krav Maga or KickBoxing, for people of every age.

If you have any questions, get in contact with us! You can send us an Email, a Facebook message or give us a call. Our Sovereign family can’t wait to welcome you!