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We help children of visionary parents develop their ideal high performing child before high school without wasting money, effort and arguing with my parent approved MEGA Mentoring Framework

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Helping parents with their children to become high performers since  1997

The only way you can get your child to be a high performer is through our framework that we developed that matches the way your child learns and grows. It doesn't matter if your child doesn't show any sign of high performance. Unless you have a process that helps your child become a high performer. Basically, you're drowning them in a sea of failures, and I can guarantee that you're putting your child in a very bad position, missing the boat to success in their life.

Does you kid face any of these challenges?

  • They easily give up on challenging tasks.
  • They currently have a hard time expressing their emotions properly often misinterpreting what they really feel.
  • They are having a hard time to focus on a task one at a time.

Here's Our MEGA Mentoring Framework

Life Skills

Life skills help you to live life two ways, when you feel like it and when you don't. The MEGA framework uses certain life skills that will enable a child to recognize patterns that will keep them moving with power, motivation, energy and enthusiasm.


Our students will build their personal vision while in the MEGA Mentoring Program. Their vision will align with their core values and identity. This will give them a renewed and fresh look at their life, giving them direction, speed and great desire to fulfill their personal vision, therefore, leading them to live out their destiny

Core Values

Each child is taught to internalize the core values that will help them to become high performers without interruption in their daily living.

Interpersonal Development

Every student that comes in will begin to see themselves improving their identity or realizing their identity of who they are and why they're here.

Mindset and Affirmation

We teach our students to develop a mindset that they have the belief that anything, their capacity or abilities can be improved, developed, and sustained with effort.

Healthy and Fit

We teach and instill the values of being fit and healthy in all our students. Each student will understand the difference between physically fit, emotionally fit, mentally fit, and spiritually fit.


Here at MEGA Mentoring, the framework uses several tools to develop the student's leadership in the areas of communication, discipline, confidence, belief and martial arts.

Here's What Parents Say About Mega Mentoring

It has been great for her. She has become a great leader, following the rules and have discipline even when she is not playing. She is getting a lot from Teaching.

Pallavi J. | Mom

The program thought me how to be a real leader. How to break out of my feelings, out of my shell. Now I am more confident talking to people, ordering my food, talking to a group of people in my class, sharing a project or presenting a slideshow.

Alex | Awesome Kid

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