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The #1 Thing Martial Arts Students Share in Common

Hi JDC here, 

I want to share with you a powerful thought on martial arts.
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I have been doing martial arts since the age of 9. As a boy I've always known I wanted to practice martial arts.
My parents started me with wrestling then judo. When we came to the United States I started with judo again and then kung fu. My reasons for doing it then,  were different from the one when I came to the US. As a child in Cuba it was to compete, to be somebody, clearly to develop my competitive  spirit. That drive to become somebody that people paid attention to. 
When I came to the US I was around 12 years old and got together with some friends. At the time Bruce Lee was very famous and so... we were all excited about kung fu and martial arts. Soon after the idea of liking the martial arts became an obsession to do it and compete and do it well and to perhaps one day to teach it. 
As I developed and grew in the martial arts I became an avid competitor. I competed almost every weekend, locally then regional and eventually in national tournaments, and then soon after outside of the US namely Puerto Rico. 
But although  those were great experiences... the best things I can appreciate of the martial arts is the competitive drive, the perseverance, the focus and the discipline it gave me to do life. 
I became driven to succeed and to love my family and to become a great provider. Driven to become the best I can be and to never ever stop improving myself towards that endeavor. 
Now as I teach the martial arts I experience many children and young adults whom express themselves in many different ways, but have one thing in common, the desire to be somebody. I see myself in many of them with the drive to say I'm here look at me. See me! pay attention to me! I want to be somebody!
I don't take that lightly at all.....I pour myself into every one of my students because I understand the language. The internal language of success. The need to thrive and to shine.
As I became older I realized that us adults have the same need to be somebody. Some adults become bittter, angry, depressed unable to understand and feel stuck. They come to the martial arts as a way to find themselves and shine and be the person that they dream of becoming. They come to fill the void that has been empty for so many years. 
For the adults I continue to build those relationships and be part of helping them fill the desire to be that person they dream of becoming.
I extend myself through the martial arts and the entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to help them reach that dream. To design their life in health, wealth and freedom.  
PS-   Maybe you aren't my student. Maybe you never heard of me.  But I always want to give you the opportunity to join my business team.
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