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Help Your Child Succeed

Sovereign Martial Arts is here to help your family build confidence, learn new skills, get in shape, and succeed at life.

“Great place for your kids to learn discipline and
perseverance as well as team work while performing
great sports. The instructors are also very friendly and
show care for your kids”.


Diego Galvez

5 STARS ★★★★★

SMA Rahway Google Reviews

“My 7yo has been a student since he was 3yo. My 4yo
started last yr and absolutely love going to classes.
The instructors are amazing and I see my kids' progress during belt promotions. Lastly, they treat us like family!”


Joyce Dela Cruz

5 STARS ★★★★★

SMA Belleville Google Reviews

“Sovereign Martial Arts is amazing! The instructors and fellow classmates genuinely want to help you succeed. Not only does SMA teach karate but also invaluable life skills. I could not recommend this school more!”


Jessica Stopera

5 STARS ★★★★★

SMA Rahway Google Reviews

Have You Noticed The Following In Your Children?




No Cooperation


Bad Grades


Wasting Time


Bad Attitude


Out of shape

Visit our blog page to see how Sovereign Martial Arts can help you solve these problems

Visit our Blog

Our Programs Are The Answer

Family Martial Arts

The family that trains together stays together. We offer a variety of programs that you and your children can attend together, supporting each other every step of the way.

Adults Martial Arts

Our unique martial arts program for adults is the best way in the Howell, Belleville and Rahway, areas to lose weight and get in shape because every movement has a purpose – a self-defence purpose that might one day save your life!

kids practicing martial arts with a young boy in boxing gloves hitting a punching bag while shouting
Kids Martial Arts

Our exciting martial arts program for kids can develop your child’s focus, self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall sense of purpose the way NO OTHER sport, hobby, “activity,” or program can.

Here's What You Can Expect


Increased Energy




Good Grades




Renewed Health


Family Bonding

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Shihan Jose DiCervo


Founder of SMA, 6th Degree Shotokan Black belt

Sensei Jana DiCervo


Co-Founder of SMA, 2nd Degree Shotokan Black Belt

Sensei Gaby DiCervo

Head Instructor

Head Instructor, 3rd Degree Shotokan Black Belt

Sensei Tony DiCervo

Head Instructor

Head Instructor, 2nd Degree Shotokan Black Belt

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