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Hey there my name is Heather. I'm the program director of Sovereign Martial Arts.

I'm a mother to 6 year old triplets, Sarah, Logan, and Joanie. My kids and I take karate as well.

I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about the parental support with their kids in the martial arts.

There are a few different types I've seen, the drop off my kid at activity type, the over coaching type, the you cannot fail type, the paparazzi type, the proud of my kid type. The point is everyone has a certain view as to how martial arts is.

One, martial arts is not a sport or activity, it is a lifestyle, it develops character, it boosts self confidence, and improves focus.

Two, dropping off the kid but never or rarely come in to watch them, is a no no. Children, even the teens, need to feel their parents support, need to see them smile when they do good for their sense of approval.

My focus today is the parent who rarely comes in to see their child take class. It disheartens me not to see a strong support system from the parent. I have seen the difference in parents being there vs not being there.

For the parents who drops off their kids but rarely ever come in to watch. You are missing out on the emotional connection to your child's progress mentally, physically, and spirituality. In the beginning, I've seen the parent come in and be there, and every week the child continues to get stronger and more confident. Then all the sudden, the parent begins to not engage emotionally, they'll be on the phone, on their tablet, or just dropping off. The child then begins to slack off, not take class seriously, seek out their parents view but receive nothing. I understand you'll have days where you need to run errands, or need to take an important phone call. But just playing games and staring at your phone instead of your child, or just using martial arts as a "babysitter" for a few hours isn't supporting your kid. It's actually lowering their self esteem, decreasing their desire to build their character, and unmotivated to participate.

I have seen our older ones thrive even though their parents aren't always there. The reason they do well, their parents are there for every big event like belt promotions and they'll bring the whole family to support. Their parents check in with the Sensei's and come in to see the end of class.

With our younger ones, the parent is always there. And the emotional connection tends to be amazing. But there are still some parents who are there physically but not emotionally, and again it disheartens me to see it.

So please, be sure to take at least one day a week to be emotionally ready to watch your child. They need that support system, no matter how strong you believe them to be. Take 30 mins to an hour each day, and put down the phone, turn off the tv, close the computer, and spend time with your kids. I've done it and it amazes me to learn about their thoughts and their feelings on subjects.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog from Miss Heather

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