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What age should I start my child in martial arts?

At What Age Should My Child Join The Martial Arts?

By: Sensei Gabrielle DiCervo

I’ve been asked many times what’s the best age for my child to join the martial

arts. It’s simple, when they’re ready and are interested.

You may have heard children’s minds being compared to sponges that soak up

the environment and learning with no filters, and no judgement. Children who

start at a young age learn easily and naturally to form to form their bodies in the

shapes of the martial arts their learning. The movement because easier to learn

and more fluid at a younger age.

Most children are ready to start at the age 3. At first it may be a little difficult but

they end up getting the footing in the environment.

As parents, it’s important that we instill a positive environment so are children

can control their bodies to being more focused and have self-control.

For many children between the ages of 3 to 6 years old, there is a constant skill

that’s overlooked. Its balance and posture. Basic skills almost needed for any

activity. Sovereign Martial Arts provides strong balance, healthy postures, and

balanced movement. This is done by drills that can become an engaging learning

game. To help the students develop the fundamental skills.

For the three and four-year- old’s, it is enough to get them used to moving around,

getting organized into circles, lines, following directions, and most important,

having fun. Older children, usually five and above, start to learn the more

practical self-defense aspects of the martial arts as they can better understand

when it is appropriate to use it.

Getting your children started as soon as they are ready gives them a head start.

Life skills such as coordination, balance, concentration, socialization, respect, and

self-discipline will be equipped at Sovereign Martial Arts.

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