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Benefits of parent support
By Heather Cox

Not only do children benefit from parent support in martial arts, the parents benefit as well.

We as parents always feel great and proud when our kids succeed. When we see the look upon our children's faces and see the light in their eyes when they know we are watching just lights a fire in your hearts.

When a child who in the beginning loved their martial arts journey and how their parents support them, to the type of negative response, that's based on you and your reactions.

Our kids need to see that their parents are proud of them and the change in their love for martial arts begins at home.

When the child exclaims they want to skip class because they are tired or just don't feel good, and you succumb and say ok well stay home. That was your first mistake.

When the child explains martial arts classes are boring and they don't like it and your response is ok we will skip today, second mistake.

When the child just gives a fit about leaving because their toys are there, and you give in to make them stop crying by buying a toy they did not need. Third mistake.

When a child gives you an excuse to get out of classes or want to play with their toys instead. Tell them before you play, finish your home work, get to SMA and make the child go onto the mat.

As a parent, you'll begin to enjoy and reap the benefits SMA has to offer. But when you don't commit to the 2-3 day week training, you aren't showing you are serious.

My kids have learned so much about focus and attention. And they know I fully support them 110%z

You need to be in the dodo watching your child, not dropping them off and leaving. They sense a stronger support when they see you in the dojo. When you drop them off, they feel disappointed and rather not try.

When you are in the dojo cheering your son on, he gains self confidence and focus. When just dropping of and not even being in the dojo especially  during the belt promotion, they begin to self doubt and give up.

So please be sure to show them support, practice with them at home. And please put down the phones and pay attention!

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