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But my child wants to play instead of going to karate class....

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By Heather Cox

Hey thanks for checking out my blog! Ever had a moment where you want your child to do one thing over the other. But kid wants the other badly. It irks you right? I know I've been there tons of times with the triplets!

We as parents want to please our kids to make our lives easier and provide them a happy healthy childhood. Sometimes we are faced with a decision that would make our kid very upset.

What to do right? First analyze how each activity is beneficial to the kid and yourself. For example, mommy can I skip school to catch my favorite show special? I think we all know the answer to that!

When it comes to martial arts, kid wants to skip class to stay home and take a "break". Analyze this, let's say you let the kid skip a class, what happens when they continue to want to miss class? Do you let them take a "long"break? You shouldn't. One class every now and again ok maybe, but it can create a very bad habit. Right now the kid realizes my parents will let me skip classes, now I don't have to do anything.

This is how I handle a miss class situation. When they miss Wednesday's class, here's the deal you go to Saturday's class. Now the kid is upset because they had a play date that day (bad habit forming here). I would then say either you go today or miss playing with your friends Saturday (standing your ground) now the kid realizes they can't just do whatever they want.

What happens if it's a birthday party vs an event? This is a slightly different situation. I do let my kids decide which event they want to do, but I am sure to explain what they'd miss from each one. This is raising your child to make good decisions and be a better leader for tomorrow's generation.

Most important of all, stress the importance of martial arts, especially with the older kids, they need to remember what they benefit from our programs. We are teaching our students to become strong educated leaders. To feel secure with themselves, never to let anyone put them down. To know how to defend themselves in today's busy and wild world. With the little ones, it's about feeling good and strong. Ready to soar.

No matter the age, martial arts has benefits you won't find anywhere else for your child. Especially at sovereign martial arts. We have programs these kids truly learn so much from. Like our character development program! Sovereign Martial Arts is truly a unique martial arts school. Here we treat everyone like family. And our students help each other instead of tearing each other down. We do have competitive spirit, but we do not believe in saying I'm better than you..

Thank you so much for reading today! And remember you are making an investment in your children's future with sovereign martial arts!

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