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My Kid Doesn't Want To Come To Class... What Do I Do?




What do you do when your child does not want to come to class? Do you force them or do you let them have their way? Martial arts is a big commitment it's not like joining the soccer team or playing any other sport because it is all year. There is no martial arts season or time of year. There will be times when your child doesn't want to come to class that's normal we are all humans. Now the way you as a parent react is crucial to their longevity in martial arts.

Parents sign their kids up for karate for many reasons such as discipline, focus , confidence, weight loss etc. Now if you value these traits just as much as you value the program than it is in their best interest that even when they don't want to go to class you make them go anyway. A lot of parents say i don't want to force my child to do something he or she doesn't want to do. Let's go back to the value, we all value our child's education right? Yes. So when your child doesn't want to go to school what do you do as a parent ? you send them anyways because you know the value that they are getting. It is the same as martial arts if you see the value in what your child is learning then there won't be a discussion if  he or she wants to go today.

Consistency is key. All great things are learned in due time for example in martial arts you don't just get your black belt over night coming whenever you feel like it. Kids don't learn responsibility and commitment by coming to class when they feel like it. There is a reason why you are the parent and they are the child. When i was a child i took class almost every day! Somedays i didn't want to come but those were the days that my parents taught me the values of commitment and dedication. If we do not teach our children these values they will grow up to  become quitters and men and women who do not keep their word.

Overall we want to instill the values of martial arts into our kids so that they become successful in life. Being a parent is not always about making your child happy but making them do what is necessary for their future. With that being said i will see you and your child in class.

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