hands pulling on martial arts black belt
Word Of The Month : Black Belt Attitude

Becoming a black belt is the goal of almost every one of our students, as it represents a high level of expertise and knowledge. After becoming a black belt, for sure you’ll have a set of incredible, physical martial art

Man in shorts practicing martial arts in front of large windows with sunlight coming in
Five More Martial Arts Myths

For many people, martial arts is something they may only having a passing knowledge about, and you’d be surprised how much of it is pure myth. There is no other sport about which there are so many false thoughts and

kids sitting in front of martial arts instructors
How Martial Arts develop leadership skills

What does leadership mean? Before explaining how our martial arts programs develop leadership skills we have to define which characteristics good leaders have. For sure, being a leader requires a lot of confidence and courage when it comes to taking

Word of the month: LOYALTY

  “Loyalty means I’m down with you whether you are wrong or right, but I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right.”   What does loyalty mean? Loyalty is an important skill to have

Inspirational: One child’s journey

The real-life benefits of our classes are on full display in this inspirational story from Denise, one of our student’s mothers. Read Denise’s powerful testimony below and see how we can help! I’m continually amazed at what my children are

Sovereign Spotlight – Sensei Tony DiCervo

SOVEReIGN SPOTLIGHT: TONY DICERVO   Congratulations to Sensei Tony DiCervo for his latest victory!  Tony recently participated in a competitive fight where he came out on top as the victor. The match lasted two rounds, ending with a decisive victory