young girl in black martial arts outfit and boxing gloves looking at her smiling instructor in front of a black punching bag

Are you looking for a martial arts school around Rahway, Howell or Belleville New Jersey? Get to know our Sovereign schools! We are a family owned organization, focusing on providing a safe learning environment for everyone. Besides training martial arts, you’ll learn to overcome challenges, grow as a person and find a supportive community. In our schools, we motivate each other, work hard together and achieve our goals together. Sovereign Martial Arts is way more than just any martial arts school. Here you’ll find the best teachers, make friends, share the same passion, and feel like a part of our family. Are you ready for this special experience? We’d love to offer you a free month trial in order to get to know us !


How does the trial work?

The first step towards your free trial is getting in contact with us and schedule your first session online. This special we’re offering is exclusive for anyone who books their discovery session online with us. The day you arrive at any of our locations, you’ll get a tour through our facilities, meet our expert instructors, and receive a discovery session in order to get an incomparable first impression. From the beginning, we’ll educate you on the world of martial arts as it pertains to SMA. We’ll discuss as well as demonstrate the 4 main areas of character development: structure, emotion, knowledge and leadership. After this first session, you’ll have the chance to write down your wishes, expectations and benefits you want to take from your journey at Sovereign Martial Arts. There are two options for you in your Month Free Trial, you can  choose to use the one month free in exchange of saving $200 in tuition, or take the month and enroll in our programs after.



young boys in martial arts outfits smiling and sitting cross legged in a rowWhy start a Month Free Trial?

Finding a professional martial arts school is important in order to take advantage of all the benefits martial arts has to offer. You need to feel safe, build trust, have fun and learn in a good environment if you want to become a successful martial artist. Our trial gives you the opportunity to get to know Sovereign Martial Arts and understand how valuable our classes are for you and your whole family. You’ll discover the diverse programs we offer, from kid’s karate to MMA and kickboxing, and get to know the other students and instructors. Thanks to our proven system of teaching and taught lessons for life, we help you and your kids to grow and build a strong personality. Our students become not only successful in martial arts, but also in school, social life and every other area of life.


Start now 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, and try something new! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us via phone, email or Facebook. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, let’s start your Month Free Trial today!